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Allure Brean - alleleigh22
Allure Brean
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I review new in funky food, Krazy, appliances, and new items that you must need in your house. 


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Video review of Automatic Pot Stirrer by Allure Brean
Allure Brean
Allure Brean
Verified Buyer

The SAKI brand has truly made cooking even easier, although it may contribute to a sense of laziness. However, this drawback is overshadowed by the product's undeniable benefits. The Automatic Pot Stirrer saves time and effort, allowing users to focus on other tasks while their food is being prepared. Its versatility and adjustable speed settings ensure that different recipes can be accommodated with ease.

Video review of London Fog Tea - Nitro Earl Grey - 12 Pack by Allure Brean
Allure Brean
Allure Brean
Verified Buyer

Allure, a reviewer, recently shared their excitement about the London Fog Tea - Nitro Earl Grey - 12 Pack by RISE Brewing Co. In their video review, Allure mentioned that these teas were sold out for months, but they finally found them. The London Fog Tea - Nitro Earl Grey - 12 Pack is a nitro oat milk Earl Grey London fog that is dairy-free. Allure described it as "drinking heaven in a glass" when poured over ice. They also highlighted that it is only 90 calories per glass. Allure was impressed with the creamy texture and mentioned that they purchased a whole case because they enjoyed it so much. Overall, Allure praised RISE Brewing Co. for creating something special with this London Fog Tea - Nitro Earl Grey - 12 Pack.

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