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Katie  Zaremba - catiekolors
Katie Zaremba
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Mom of 3. Doing the management thing in retail. Trying to live my best life one moment at a time!


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Review by Katie Zaremba

Aria Eyelashes

Katie reviewed the Aria Eyelashes by Ace Beaute in their video review. They mentioned that the eyelashes have a nice texture and feel thick. However, Katie did not mention anything about the smell or their personal preference for it. They also did not provide any information about the coverage or how well the eyelashes performed. Overall, the review lacks sufficient details to assess the benefits and drawbacks of the Aria Eyelashes. It would be helpful to have more information about the product's durability, comfort, and overall appearance on the eyes.

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Review by Katie Zaremba

Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs

Katie's video review of the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA showcases the convenience and ease of use of this product. She demonstrates how simple it is to create a winged eyeliner look by using the stamp as a baseline and building off from there if desired. Katie expresses her love for the product, stating that it makes it much more convenient and easier to achieve the desired winged look. She highly recommends the stamp, emphasizing her enthusiasm and stating that she will use it all the time. Overall, the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA appears to be a reliable and effective tool for creating winged eyeliner looks.

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Review by Katie Zaremba

Exhibitionist Stretch Strengthen Mascara

The Exhibitionist Stretch Strengthen Mascara in Very black water resistant color by Covergirl falls short compared to the original CoverGirl Exhibitionist, according to Katie's video review. She expresses disappointment in its lack of water resistance, wishing it performed as well as the other version. Katie recommends sticking with the original Exhibitionist, as it outperforms the Stretch Strengthen Mascara. While the specific benefits of the product are not mentioned, it can be inferred that the original Exhibitionist offers superior performance and is the preferred choice. Overall, the Exhibitionist Stretch Strengthen Mascara does not meet expectations and is not recommended.

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