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Melissa Tomaziefski - MissMermaidMelissa
Melissa Tomaziefski
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38 Years Young Single Mom ♥️Makeup ♥️Skincare ♥️Inspiring others ♥️Mermaids 🧜🏼‍♀️


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Review by Melissa

USB Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush With 12 Brush Heads

The PURSONIC USB Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with 12 Brush Heads in White color is a game-changer for dental hygiene. Melissa's video review highlights its impressive features, including three settings and powerful vibrations that ensure a thorough cleaning experience. She noticed a remarkable difference in the cleanliness and whiteness of her teeth, although she also credits her whitening toothpaste. Melissa's intention to give her existing toothbrush to her child and use the PURSONIC for herself speaks volumes about its effectiveness. With its rechargeable capability and 12 brush heads, this toothbrush offers convenience and longevity. While the review lacks specific drawbacks, Melissa's endorsement of the PURSONIC toothbrush makes it a compelling choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient oral care solution.

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Review by Melissa

KISS Gel Fantasy False Nails

So these finally arrived and Melissa is excited to try them out. She starts by using rubbing alcohol to remove excess oils, ensuring that the nails will last longer. Melissa expresses her love for KISS and shows the sizes she picked out. As she applies the nails, she mentions that they are a beautiful grayish white color. She considers adding an accent nail and overall finds the nails to be pretty. The only minor issue she mentions is that the lengths were slightly different from what she's used to. Despite this, Melissa loves the KISS Gel Fantasy False Nails by KISS Beauty. She appreciates their appearance and durability, making them a great choice for anyone looking for stylish and long-lasting false nails.

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Review by Melissa

Face Primer

The Face Primer by Carpe is a true lifesaver, according to Melissa's video review. Living in the hot and disgustingly humid climate of Florida, Melissa relies on this mattifying face primer to combat sweat and keep her makeup intact. She applies it not only on her face but also on the back of her neck to stay sweat-free. Melissa praises the primer for its amazing performance, ensuring that her makeup lasts all day long. She emphasizes that finding a good product like this one is a challenge, making the Carpe Face Primer worth every penny. Melissa's positive experience with this primer leaves no doubt that it is a must-buy for anyone looking for long-lasting makeup.

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