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Evelyn Alfred - SkincareCataloger
Evelyn Alfred
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Well-aging skincare enthusiast.


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Good morning! Evelyn unboxed the Oat Milk PHA Serum by EqualRXN in her video review. This serum features lactobionic acid, an oat milk complex, and snow mushroom as its star ingredients. Its main purpose is to gently exfoliate the skin, resulting in a more even complexion. Evelyn mentioned that she will provide more updates later, indicating her ongoing experience with the product. Overall, the Oat Milk PHA Serum seems promising for those looking to achieve a smoother and more balanced skin tone. However, since Evelyn did not provide any specific results or drawbacks in her initial review, it is difficult to assess the serum's effectiveness fully. Stay tuned for more updates on this product. Bye!

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The Hydrating Gel Foam Cleanser by AbsoluteJOI is the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Evelyn, in her video review, highlights its fragrance-free formula and gentle yet effective impurity removal. After using it for a month, she found that it kept her skin clean without causing any dryness. The cleanser creates a luxurious lather and comes in a generous bottle size. Overall, it seems like a promising product that delivers on its promises. However, it's important to note that Evelyn didn't mention any potential drawbacks. If you're in search of a gentle and effective cleanser, the Hydrating Gel Foam Cleanser by AbsoluteJOI is definitely worth a try.

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