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Amy Bernadette - xovalentine
Amy Bernadette
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hey! im a professional makeup artist & esthetican of 10+ years. HOH 🤟


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Amy reviewed the Tintfit Shine - Mood Berry lip tint by Moonshot. She was impressed with the product, noting that it had a nice shine without feeling thick like a gloss. She also mentioned that it had a lot of pigment, providing good color payoff with just one application. Amy found the taste of the lip tint to be pleasant as well. She recommended it for those who want a blurred or stained lip look. However, she advised against wearing dark eye makeup while using this lip tint. Overall, Amy had a positive experience with the Tintfit Shine - Mood Berry lip tint, praising its shine, pigment, and comfortable texture.

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Amy recently tried the BBIA Blur Tint II - Ordinaire in Red color and found it to be super pigmented. Despite already having a bright color on her lips, she decided to try the lighter shade. She described it as a coral color and praised its pigmentation. The product feels like a balm but has a matte finish, which Amy found to be a nice touch. She mentioned that it has a creAmy texture and doesn't feel cakey like other liquid matte lipsticks. Amy also highlighted that the product can be blurred down for a softer look. Overall, she seemed to really like the Blur Tint II - Ordinaire and its matte, powdery, and creAmy formula.

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The Blur Tint II - Jeune in Red color by BBIA is highly praised by Amy in her video review. She mentions that the product is super pigmented and provides excellent coverage with just one application. Amy appreciates the powdery texture and balmy feel of the product, noting that it is matte without feeling heavy on the skin. She also emphasizes that it is breathable and lightweight, unlike the matte liquid lipsticks from previous years. Overall, Amy recommends trying out the Blur Tint II - Jeune in Red color by BBIA for its intense pigmentation, powdery texture, and comfortable wear.

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