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Liberty Lee - holisticlife978
Liberty Lee
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Review by Liberty Lee

N Dreaming

Liberty, in her video review of N Dreaming by Ohora, expresses her frustration with the idea of going to a nail salon for a manicure. She finds it time-consuming, expensive, and potentially harmful due to the use of toxic chemicals. However, she discovered a solution in the form of Ahura stick-on nails. Liberty appreciates that these nails are not excessively long, making them practical for her work at a farm. She is thrilled with the ease of application and the variety of colors available. Liberty plans to provide an updated review on the longevity of the nails, determining if they are truly worth her time. Overall, Liberty's initial experience with N Dreaming by Ohora has been positive, offering a convenient and attractive alternative to traditional manicures.

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Review by Liberty Lee

Organic Cashew Milk Base

Liberty's video review of the Organic Cashew Milk Base by JOI highlights the unique and delicious taste of this product. She mentions that while it may not work as a milk substitute, it is incredibly flavorful when paired with dates. Liberty describes the texture as similar to cashew butter and emphasizes how enjoyable it is to dip a date into the cashew milk base. She expresses her delight in the taste, stating that it is the best nut butter she has ever had. Liberty also notes that the product is not only delicious but also good for you. She mentions that she initially tried it as a milk substitute but found it didn't dissolve well. However, she concludes that the Organic Cashew Milk Base by JOI is worth it, even if it doesn't work as a milk alternative. Overall, Liberty's review highlights the product's exceptional taste and versatility, making it a worthwhile addition to any pantry.

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Review by Liberty Lee

Retinol Plus Vitamin C Skin Refining Oil

The Retinol Plus Vitamin C Skin Refining Oil by AbsoluteJOI is a must-have for those with sensitive skin. Liberty, a holistic individual, was drawn to this product due to its high-quality ingredients and the absence of parabens, sulfates, dyes, and fragrances. In her honest review, she noticed immediate improvements in her skin, with dry patches disappearing and no burning sensation. This oil combines the power of retinol, vitamin C, and E, providing a potent formula for skin refinement. With its gentle yet effective nature, this product proves to be a great choice for individuals seeking a skincare solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

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