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Alex McDowell - homeon24th
Alex McDowell
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Just a wife and momma building dreamy spaces in affordable ways 🏡🤍


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Review by Alex McDowell

Hand Forged 8" Chef's Knife

The knife itself was well-packaged in foam and already oiled, which Alex found to be unusual but intriguing. They noted that the knife felt heavy-duty and substantial in their hand, thanks to its high-carbon steel construction. Alex also mentioned the importance of proper maintenance to prevent rusting, which further emphasized the need for following the care instructions.

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Review by Alex McDowell

The Kids Set

One standout feature of this set is the accompanying cook deck, which Alex mentions will be useful as their child grows older. This deck provides valuable information about cooking, making it a great tool for fostering independence and creativity in young ones.

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Review by Alex McDowell

Logan Marled Rib Kitchen Towel - Set of 6 by Blue Loom

The Logan Marled Rib Kitchen Towel - Set of 6 by Blue Loom in Taupe color is a great replacement for old kitchen towels, according to Alex's video review. Alex mentions that their old towels had holes and were in need of an upgrade. The first impressions of the Logan towels were positive, with Alex noting that they are larger in size compared to their old ones and are incredibly soft. This makes them not only visually appealing but also comfortable to use. The set of six towels is also a convenient feature, as it means less frequent laundry. Overall, Alex seems satisfied with the Logan Marled Rib Kitchen Towel, highlighting its size, softness, and practicality.

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