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Lena Heck
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oc, california life & style 🪴


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The Shade & Shadow - Innocent in Beige color by BBIA is a cosmetic product that Lena reviewed in a video. Lena appreciates a vibrant eyeshadow with good pigmentation, but unfortunately, this product falls short in that aspect. However, she does mention that the packaging is visually appealing. The eyeshadow's color is described as very natural, making it suitable for those seeking a more subtle look. Overall, the Shade & Shadow - Innocent in Beige color by BBIA may not be the best choice for individuals looking for highly pigmented eyeshadows, but it could be a go-to option for those desiring a more natural appearance.

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The reviewer, Lena, discusses the Master Radiance Base in Rich in radiance color by RMS Beauty in their video review. Lena reminisces about the past experiences shared with someone, now replaced by another person. The transcription does not provide any specific information about the product itself, its application, or its performance. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the product's benefits or drawbacks based solely on this review. However, Lena's emotional tone suggests a personal connection to the product, indicating a positive experience. Overall, the Master Radiance Base by RMS Beauty seems to evoke sentimental feelings, but further information is needed to provide a comprehensive review.

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The Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30 - Lt Medium in Light medium color by Purlisse is highly recommended by Lena in her video review. Lena appreciates the SPF 30 in the product, as she values sun protection. She describes the consistency as ideal, not too runny, and blends smoothly onto the skin. Lena mentions that she has tried it before and finds it to be a great addition to her everyday staples. Overall, the Perfect Glow BB Cream offers the benefits of sun protection and a smooth application, making it a desirable cosmetic product. No potential drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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