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Julia Chun - jc1hunna
Julia Chun
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Video review of Vitamin C Intense Night Cream by Julia Chun
Julia Chun
Julia Chun
Verified Buyer

Julia highly recommends the Vitamin C Intense Night Cream by Derma E. In her video review, she praises the cream for its powerful combination of vitamin C, probiotics, and hyaluronic acid, which effectively nourish and hydrate her dry and textured skin. After using it consistently for two weeks, Julia noticed a significant improvement in her skin's appearance. The cream helped reduce sagging, giving her a more youthful and glowing complexion. Additionally, she was pleasantly surprised to see a pimple on her forehead disappear. Julia is unsure of the exact ingredients responsible for these impressive results, but she confidently recommends the Derma E Vitamin C night cream for anyone seeking a rejuvenating skincare solution.

Video review of The Original by Julia Chun
Julia Chun
Julia Chun
Verified Buyer

The Original by Tangle Teezer is a game-changer for anyone struggling with tangled hair. Julia, in her video review, demonstrates the brush's effectiveness by effortlessly gliding it through her hair, leaving no knots behind. She compares it to a cheap dupe she had been using, highlighting the stark difference in performance. The Tangle Teezer's ability to detangle without causing discomfort or damage is truly impressive. Julia's enthusiasm for the product is evident, as she expresses her love for it. However, it would have been helpful to hear more about its durability and long-term performance. Overall, the Tangle Teezer seems to be a reliable and efficient hairbrush that delivers on its promise of tangle-free hair.

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