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Kathleen O’Connor Ives - OwlInATowel
Kathleen O’Connor Ives
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Chief Executive Owl (CEO) at Owl in A Towel - Where quality, safe ingredients aren't exclusive and out of reach


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Video review of Lemongrass Hand Soap (16 oz) by Kathleen O’Connor Ives
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Kathleen also highlights the eco-friendly packaging of the soap. The soap comes in a fiberboard shell that can be easily split in half for recycling or composting. She mentions that the shell is made of number two plastic, which is recyclable in most municipalities.

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The Balsam Fir Hand Cream by Owl in a Towel - VOID is a must-have for anyone seeking a new and inspiring addition to their hand cream collection. Kathleen, in her video review, highlights the cream's light consistency and smooth texture, making it a pleasure to apply. The cream's aromatherapy properties add an extra touch of relaxation, leaving your hands feeling nourished and rejuvenated. One of the standout features is the delightful scent, reminiscent of a snapped Christmas tree twig. Say goodbye to cracked and angry hands, as this cream strikes the perfect balance between nourishment and fast absorption. Overall, the Balsam Fir Hand Cream by Owl in a Towel - VOID is a game-changer, bringing the outdoors indoors and providing a luxurious experience for your hands.

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Kathleen, a reviewer of the Bergamot Deodorant Cream by Owl in a Towel - VOID, expresses her appreciation for deodorant creams but dislikes the inconvenience of using jars or pots. She seeks a simpler and cleaner solution, which she finds in this product. The deodorant cream comes in a tube, allowing for a hands-free application. Kathleen demonstrates how it effortlessly squeezes out and can be easily rubbed in circular motions under each underarm. This innovative design eliminates the need for scooping with fingers, saving time and reducing messiness. Overall, the Bergamot Deodorant Cream offers a convenient and efficient way to stay fresh throughout the day.

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