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Lisa Howatt - lisa.howatt
Lisa Howatt
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The Blowout Brush - 3" in Rose gold color by Adagio California - VOID1 is a fancy hair tool that Lisa tried out in her video review. She mentioned that compared to other brushes she has used, this one doesn't get very hot, but still delivers great results. One standout feature she pointed out is that it doesn't tangle the hair, unlike other brushes that can get stuck. Lisa also mentioned that the high setting didn't get much hotter than the low setting, which she found convenient. Overall, Lisa enjoys using this brush and mentioned that she had previously bought and gotten rid of two other brushes. With its ability to dry and style hair without tangling, the Blowout Brush by Adagio California - VOID1 seems to be a reliable and effective tool for achieving a salon-like blowout at home.

Video review of Natural Moisturizer Probiotic Cream by Lisa Howatt
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The Natural Moisturizer Probiotic Cream by VERDILAB is a great base for makeup, according to Lisa's video review. Although it has a scent, it is not overpowering and has a natural fragrance. The cream feels thick and silky, providing a smooth application. Lisa noticed that her pores appeared minimized after applying foundation and concealer. Throughout the day, the makeup remained intact without creasing or separating. Overall, Lisa considers this moisturizer a win, as it effectively maintains the makeup's longevity.

Video review of  by Lisa Howatt
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So this is the packaging of the Velvet Lip in Cote d'ivoire color by Emolyne, which Lisa finds phenomenal. The sparkles on the packaging do not come off, which is a plus. The lipstick has a slight cheap smell, but it goes on smoothly and has a glossy finish. Lisa likes to do a teeth test with lipsticks, and she noticed some transfer onto her teeth after an hour of wear. However, the lipstick stayed on well throughout the day, with only some creases coming off. The only drawback Lisa mentioned was that it caused some dryness. Overall, the Velvet Lip in Cote d'ivoire color by Emolyne is a smooth and long-lasting lipstick with a glossy finish, but it may cause dryness.

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