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Darren Cooper - cookingwithmrcooper
Darren Cooper
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Hey, Dad! Whats For Dinner? Is the question I try to solve everyday. Come along with me and see what my answer will be.


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Video review of The Original Whiskey Ball Duo Set (2 molds + 2 rock glasses) by Darren Cooper
Verified Buyer

The Original Whiskey Ball by the Whiskey Ball by The Whiskey Ball is a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts. Darren, in his video review, highlights the convenience and quality of this product. The Whiskey Bar Duo set includes two rock glasses and two ice molds, allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks in style. Despite a minor mishap with pouring water, Darren emphasizes that the ice molds are easy to use and produce perfect whiskey balls after a few hours. The product's ability to enhance the drinking experience, particularly for an old fashioned cocktail, is commendable. Overall, The Original Whiskey Ball offers a practical solution for whiskey lovers, ensuring a chilled and enjoyable sipping experience.

Video review of 14" Hybrid Pan With Lid by Darren Cooper
Verified Buyer

In Darren's video review, the 14" Hybrid Pan With Lid by HexClad proves its worth by effortlessly handling the preparation of rasta pasta. The pan's non-stick surface allows for easy searing of the chicken, while the even heat distribution ensures thorough cooking. The addition of the lid is a convenient feature for simmering the sauce. The HexClad pan's versatility shines through as it effortlessly transitions from searing to sautéing and simmer

Video review of Cutting Board, Cast Iron & Hand Soap by Darren Cooper
Verified Buyer

When the strawberries you cut start tasting like onions, it's a clear sign that your cutting board needs a thorough cleaning. That's where the Cutting Board Soap by Virginia Boys Kitchens comes in. This soap, made with coffee grounds and an oil-based formula, effectively cleans your cutting board without stripping away its natural oils. Darren, the reviewer, also found it to be suitable for his butcher block countertop. He followed the instructions on the package, scrubbing the surface with the soap and then applying cutting board oil for a beautiful finish. Darren is eager to try out the remaining steps, indicating his confidence in the product's effectiveness. Overall, the Cutting Board Soap by Virginia Boys Kitchens offers a practical solution for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your cutting board and other wooden surfaces.

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