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Nadia Butterfield - nadialadaven
Nadia Butterfield
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hey! It’s Nadia, but you can call me Nadi. :) it’s either full glam or drenched in moisturizer. welcome 2 my party. ☮️


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Video review of bye panda eyes! smudge proof mascara by Nadia Butterfield
Verified Buyer

Nadia, in her video review, tried out the Bye Panda Eyes! Vol. Def. Mascara by Essence. She found the wand to be pretty standard-looking, although slightly big. Upon application, she noticed a visible difference in her lashes, giving them a natural lift. She liked the simplicity and cuteness of the mascara and mentioned that she could potentially build another coat or two for more volume. Overall, Nadia seemed pleased with the smudge-proof and long-lasting qualities of the mascara. However, she did not mention any potential drawbacks or negatives about the product.

Video review of Qasil Cleanser by Nadia Butterfield
Verified Buyer

Hey guys, Nadia here with a first impressions review of the Qasil Cleanser by S'ABLE Labs. The packaging is sleek and easy to open, which is a plus. The texture of the cleanser was different than expected, but in a good way. It didn't lather too much, but still lathered well. The fragrance-free formula had a subtle scent that wasn't overpowering. Nadia's skin felt clean and refreshed after using it. She mentioned moving on to the Sable Labs toner in her next video, so stay tuned for that. Overall, the Qasil Cleanser seems promising with its unique texture and gentle formula.

Video review of Black Seed Toner by Nadia Butterfield
Verified Buyer

Nadia, in her video review of the Black Seed Toner by S'ABLE Labs, shares her first impressions of the product. She mentions that the bottle has a classy design and is easy to open with a pop-off cap, which is great for those who prefer spraying toners. Nadia appreciates the fine mist and pleasant smell of the toner. She applies it to her face using a cotton pad and finds the spray to be nice and convenient. Overall, Nadia is impressed with the toner and believes it will become a staple in her skincare routine. She invites viewers to check out her next video where she will further test the S'ABLE Labs toner. Based on Nadia's review, it seems that the Black Seed Toner offers a user-friendly experience with its easy-to-use spray bottle and delivers a fine mist. The pleasant scent adds to the overall appeal of the product.

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