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Nora Villalobos - nora.villalobos
Nora Villalobos
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The SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender is hailed as a game-changer by reviewer Nora. In her video review, she raves about its versatility, as it effectively cleans both beauty blenders and brushes. Nora demonstrates the ease of use, simply wetting the beauty blender, rubbing it around, and scrubbing it on the included mat. The cleanser effortlessly removes dirt and grime, leaving the beauty blender looking brand new. Nora finds the process satisfying, although she advises using it in the bathroom due to the potential mess. Overall, the SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender receives high praise for its effectiveness and convenience.

Video review of Paint-It Matte Lip Color by Nora Villalobos
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Nora, shared her experience with the Paint-It Matte Lip Color in Not Your Baby by About Face. Nora mentioned that she applied only one shade of this matte lippy, and it provided a smooth application that turned matte. She praised the beautiful soft mauve color and highlighted that it didn't dry out her lips like some other matte formulas. Nora also appreciated the compact size of the product, making it convenient to carry in her bag. Overall, she recommended checking out About Face's products, describing them as "fire." This review showcases the product's ability to deliver a smooth and hydrating matte finish, along with its convenient packaging.

Video review of Soothing Gel to Foam Feminine Wash by Nora Villalobos
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Nora, in her video review, shares her positive experience with the Rael Soothing Gel to Foam Feminine Wash. She emphasizes the difficulty of finding the perfect product for intimate care, but states that this one is truly amazing. Nora appreciates that the product is fragrance-free, as she believes scented products can sometimes cause irritation. She highlights the pH balance, fragrance-free formula, and the presence of hibiscus extract, pomegranate extract, and aloe complex in the wash. Nora concludes by expressing her love for the product and her intention to repurchase it. Overall, she highly recommends the Rael Soothing Gel to Foam Feminine Wash for its cleanliness, lack of irritation, and absence of fragrance.

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