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Olivia Hill - freesampleolivia
Olivia Hill
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Harshly Honest Beauty Reviews 😈 INSTAGRAM + TIK TOK: @freesampleolivia YOUTUBE: Olivia Hill


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Olivia tried the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Warm Nude color and had a genuine positive reaction. She loved how it felt on her skin and found it easy to smooth out. Although she mentioned that it felt slightly heavy compared to the thin foundations she usually uses, she attributed it to the nature of creamy foundations. Overall, Olivia was very happy with the product and compared her satisfaction to a successful first day. The foundation provided good coverage and a pleasant texture. While Olivia did not mention any drawbacks, it is worth noting that some users may prefer a lighter, less noticeable feel on their skin.

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Olivia Hill
Olivia Hill
Verified Buyer

Olivia's review of the Continuum Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Deep space color by MAKE Beauty reveals her initial excitement about the product. She mentions that the color is not as blue as she expected, but it matches the navy of her ink box tattoo. Olivia notes that the eyeliner has a blue sheen but is not overly blue. Despite this, she remains open-minded. Olivia also comments on the blendability of the eyeliner, stating that it feels like it has already set. However, she appreciates the inclusion of a baby brush and a sharpener, which conveniently fit into the holder. Overall, Olivia's review highlights the eyeliner's unique color and the practicality of the accompanying accessories.

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Olivia Hill
Olivia Hill
Verified Buyer

The MARSHMALLOW BUTTER LIPPIE in the shade 18 Running in Running color by Kim Chi Chic Beauty was reviewed by Olivia. According to Olivia, the texture of the lipstick feels like fine sandpaper, providing a slight grittiness when rubbed together. However, it is not heavy on the lips. Olivia expected a more vampy color but found it to be more fuchsia, which didn't match her nails as she had hoped. It took three layers to achieve the desired pigment. Olivia plans to continue using the product and hopes to eventually fall in love with the color, just like the character in the movie EZA did with a song. Overall, Olivia's initial experience with the lipstick was apprehensive, but she is open to it growing on her.

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