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Alyssa Meyers - srta_fashionista
Alyssa Meyers
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✿ I’m surprisingly more smiley on Instagtam ✿ trendyteacher23@gmail.com for collabs


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Review by Alyssa

Lip Lacquer

Alyssa, in her video review, expressed her excitement about receiving her first package of e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lacquer in the Cherry bomb color. Despite her tired face, she eagerly opened the package and applied the lip lacquer using only her phone's camera. She admitted that she's not great at makeup but was pleased with the result. Alyssa loved the vibrant red shade, mentioning that it would suit anyone and could be worn in any season. She appreciated that the lip lacquer didn't feel gross like other lip glosses tend to. Alyssa concluded by saying that she enjoyed the product and hoped to improve her video reviews in the future. Overall, the e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Lacquer in Cherry bomb color seems to be a versatile and comfortable lip product that delivers a beautiful, long-lasting red shade.

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Review by Alyssa

Blonde Moment Conditioner

Review: Alyssa, in her video review, shares her experience with Blonde Moment Conditioner by Not Your Mother's. She mentions that her hair was not always blonde, but this product has helped her achieve the desired shade. Alyssa highlights the effectiveness of the purple treatment in maintaining her natural blonde hair without the need for filters, dyes, or highlights. She recommends others to try this conditioner and love it as much as she does.

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Review by Alyssa

Blonde Moment Shampoo

Blonde Moment Shampoo by Not Your Mother's is a game-changer, according to Alyssa's video review. She confidently lets the product speak for itself, showcasing her natural hair without any filters or hair dye. Alyssa's transformation is evident, as she reveals her hair before and after using this shampoo consistently for a year. The standout feature of this product is its purple treatment formula, specifically designed for blondes. Alyssa expresses her love for this shampoo and assures viewers that they will love it too. With Alyssa's positive endorsement and visible results, Blonde Moment Shampoo by Not Your Mother's is a must-try for anyone seeking a reliable and effective haircare solution.

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