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Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia
Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia
/solinotes eau de parfum freesiafreesia os pink 1
/solinotes eau de parfum freesiafreesia os pink
/solinotes eau de parfum freesiafreesia os pink 1
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Video review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia  by thapettybarbie
Video review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Fressia/Fressia  by 65779226e86e6361adf7410f
Video review of Solinotes Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia  by ayotal08

Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia #Solinotes

Color: Pink


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Video review of Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia by Mydia R.
Verified Buyer

Mydia, in her video review, expresses her excitement about the Eau de Parfum - Freesia/Freesia by Solinotes. She admits that she couldn't wait to put herself together to share her thoughts on this fragrance. Mydia initially had doubts about the scent, but upon trying it, she was pleasantly surprised. She describes it as a luxurious fragrance that rivals high-end brands like Gucci, Versace, or Chanel. Mydia emphasizes that this perfume is a budget-friendly option that exudes a sense of elegance. She urges viewers to get their hands on it and promises that they won't be disappointed. Mydia's enthusiasm for this fragrance is evident, and she invites others to share their experiences in the comments. Overall, she rates the Eau de Parfum - Freesia/Freesia by Solinotes as a perfect ten out of ten, claiming that nothing can beat its captivating scent.

Video review of Eau De Parfum - 50Ml - Fressia by Amanda Durbin
Verified Buyer

Overall, Amanda's review highlights the positive aspects of the Eau de Parfum - Freesia/Freesia by Solinotes, such as its amazing scent and the fact that all Solinotes fragrances are great. However, she mentions that the Hair and Body Mist doesn't have a long-lasting effect. Despite this drawback, Amanda's review suggests that the fragrance is a delightful choice for anyone.

Video review of Eau De Parfum - 15Ml - Fressia/Fressia by Jasmine Lownes
Verified Buyer

Jasmine describes the Freesia fragrance as having notes of cotton, beachy air, white flowers, and sunflower. She notes that it has a tart and pungent smell, reminiscent of fresh cotton. She suggests that those who enjoy a clean and breezy scent would appreciate this fragrance. Jasmine plans to use it as a room spray, in her car, or in her purse due to its clean and fresh aroma.

About Solinotes

About Solinotes

SOLINOTES - The Feel Good Perfumery We believe that a fragrance has to do more than just smell nice! It connects to your emotions and your personality, to reveal the true essence: YOU! SOLINOTES is a sunny and colourful collection of MOOD-BOOSTING Fragrances and Body Mist. A little like aromachology, Solinotes has encapsulated a super ingredient in each fragrance and linked it to a benefit for its consumer. START THE DAY THE RIGHT WAY, The soothing and comforting benefits of the Vanilla, the energy boosting from Pomegranate, the calming and enveloping effect of the Orange Blossom... are some good vibes we bottle to boost your daily life! SOLINOTES is convinced that a mood enhancing fragrance can only be a CLEAN Fragrance. This is why our fragrances contain only the essentials: natural alcohol, perfume and a splash of water. Nothing else! *VEGAN *PETA APPROVED *100% MADE IN FRANCE *SUSTAINABLE (100% recyclable - use of recycled glass and plastic - eco managed forest) Good for your skin, good for the planet, Spray good vibes!

Founded in: 2010
Origin: France
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Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging
Vegan iconVegan
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients

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