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Volume Conditioner
Volume Conditioner
/verb volume conditioner os white
/verb volume conditioner os white 1
/verb volume conditioner os white 1
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Video review of VERB Volume Conditioner  by kbmakeupbug
Video review of VERB Volume Conditioner  by irinav2000
Video review of VERB Volume Conditioner  by k_cruts

Volume Conditioner #VERB

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Video review of Volume Conditioner by Brittany
Verified Buyer

The Volume Conditioner by VERB is a weightless lift and softening solution, as praised by Brittany in her video review. She purposely skipped using any additional products to test its effectiveness, and the results were impressive. Her hair felt bouncy and voluminous without being weighed down, while still maintaining moisture. With just a small amount of product, Brittany found that it lasted a long time. She particularly loved the light citrusy clean fragrance. Overall, Brittany rates the Volume Conditioner a perfect 10 out of 10. It seems to be a great choice for those seeking volume and softness without compromising on moisture.

Video review of Volume Conditioner by Karilyn
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Karilyn, who is 61 years old, tried the Volume Conditioner by VERB. She mentioned that the conditioner strengthens and conditions the hair while providing volume. Despite needing a trim, Karilyn noticed a significant increase in volume after using the product. She believes that if it can work for her, it can work wonders for someone in their twenties. Karilyn also highlighted that the conditioner is free from paraffins and sulfates, making it a good choice. Although she mentioned that the product is a little on the pricey side, she did not elaborate further. Overall, Karilyn's review suggests that the Volume Conditioner by VERB is effective in adding volume to the hair and is a quality product.

Video review of Volume Conditioner by Sasha
Verified Buyer

The Volume Conditioner by VERB is a must-have for anyone looking to add lift and softness to their hair. Sasha raves about this product, noting that a little goes a long way with just one pump. Despite the small amount, the conditioner spreads easily from the mid-hair to the ends, thanks to its super creamy texture. It feels heavy and nourishing, yet rinses off effortlessly, leaving no sticky or oily residue. Sasha also mentions that brushing her hair after using this conditioner is a breeze, even without detangler. With its long-lasting formula and easy application, the Volume Conditioner by VERB is a game-changer for achieving voluminous and manageable hair.

Video review of Volume Conditioner by Glory
Verified Buyer

Glory, a reviewer with baby fine hair, shares her experience with the Volume Conditioner by VERB. She confesses her aversion to blow drying and highlights the product's ability to maintain bouncy and full hair even on the second day after washing. On the third day, she notices a beachy, thick effect while still feeling clean. Glory recommends the Verb Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for those with fine hair, emphasizing that it doesn't weigh down the hair. She also mentions that it is a great option for lazy individuals. Overall, the product seems to deliver on its promise of adding volume and texture without compromising cleanliness, making it a suitable choice for those seeking effortless and voluminous hair.

Video review of Volume Conditioner by Angela
Verified Buyer

Angela provides a positive review of VERB's Volume Conditioner in her video. She mentions that after trying it for the first time, her blowout looks great with effortless volume. She also highlights that the conditioner leaves her hair super soft and easy to detangle. Angela emphasizes that the product is color safe and free from paraben and sulfates. Overall, she recommends checking out VERB's Volume Conditioner for its ability to provide volume, softness, and ease of use. There are no drawbacks mentioned in the video.

Video review of Volume Conditioner by Katie
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Katie, recently tried the Volume Conditioner by VERB and was pleasantly surprised by the results. After using a two-in-one product for a while, she decided to give this conditioner a try, and it did not disappoint. Katie noticed an immediate difference in the softness of her hair, which had been lacking for some time. She also appreciated the light citrus scent, which was not overpowering. Although she has only used the conditioner once so far, Katie plans to continue using it and will provide an updated review after using it for a week. Overall, she is thoroughly impressed with the Volume Conditioner by VERB and is happy with her purchase.

About VERB

About VERB

Meet Verb. Born in Austin. Raised in New York. We keep it real: real products, real results, real people, no retouching. Just great hair with no filters. Great hair should always start and end with great care. Our products are loved by stylists and made with only good stuff. No parabens. No gluten. No harmful sulfates. Peta-Certified cruelty free. Our story began in 2011 and more than a decade later we still have one commitment, making the best hair care at one simple price for you and us– and our plus ones, family, friends and kids. In Austin we say y’all and we mean it. All hair types, all hair needs, there’s a Verb for you.

Founded in: 2011
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Hair Care iconHair Care
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Vegan iconVegan
Sustainable Packaging iconSustainable Packaging
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
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