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Must-Try Essential Oils for Your Self-Care Routine

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts popular for their natural health benefits. These oils can be used in skincare, hair care, and to promote overall wellness.

There are essential oil products for every skin type. If you have oily or sensitive skin, don’t worry — you won’t have to miss out. Some people are allergic to essential oils, so perform a small patch test on the skin of your wrist and consult your doctor before using them for the first time.

Essential oils are key ingredients in some of the best self-care products. You can use essential oils at night to prepare your skin for the following day or combine essential oil products to address concerns like dryness and irritation. During stressful moments, essential oils can help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your room or on the go. 

We made a list of some of the best essential oils on Flip to guide you as you explore the world of high-quality, natural self-care. Take a deep breath and dive in.

August 26, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Twisted Tomboy Vanilla and Patchouli Fragrance Mist

Use this refreshing fragrance mist after a shower or as a pick-me-up during the day. To apply, simply spray it on your skin while avoiding your face. Layer it with its matching lotion and soap to ensure you’ll smell amazing all day long!

2. OSEA Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist

The Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist is where science meets wellness. This serene mist creates a calming atmosphere just in time for bed — just spray it on your pillow and linens and let the relaxing scent guide you towards sweet dreams. This product is designed for all skin types and can even improve irritated and dull skin.

3. Dilo No.10 Basil Mint and Lavender Room Spray

Dilo Room Sprays are made in Philadelphia with fine fragrance oils free of phthalates. No.10 has fresh mint and lavender notes, with undertones of woody and earthy scents. Just two to three sprays will slowly fill a medium-sized space, and you never need to worry about cutting a wick or forgetting to extinguish like you would with a candle. This mist smells fresh and floral, allowing you to unwind with scents from nature.

4. ARCH Rise Roll-On Essential Oil

​​This bright and citrusy blend from ARCH is formulated for when you need a boost of energy — like first thing in the morning. The simple roll-on applicator contains oils from orange, juniper, sandalwood, and ylang ylang to stimulate and invigorate. Get up and rise to the occasion! With this uplifting roll-on oil, you can start your day on the right foot.

5. Aiden & Coco Calm Essential Spray

Blended with white sage, lavender, and bergamot, Calm Essential Spray is formulated to soothe your nerves, quiet your mind, and relieve unwanted stress. Lavender essential oil is calming and relaxing, best known for its ability to alleviate feelings of anxiety and improve your sleep. White sage is uplifting and soothing to clarify your mind, ease negative moods, and clean out bad energy. 

6. Aiden & Coco Coze Essential Spray

This Aiden & Coco essential oil blend provides your skin with botanical benefits and light moisture. The formula contains patchouli, a grounding oil that stimulates the release of pleasure hormones, enhancing feelings of relaxation, promoting sensual energy, and encouraging restful sleep. It’s perfect for self-care and after a long, hot bath

7. ARCH Resilience Ritual Essence Spray

Mist this Essence Spray throughout your day to welcome new energy into your space and clear your mind. The unique blend of clove, rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus oils helps strengthen the immune, respiratory, and circulatory systems. Spray topically for aromatherapy to help reduce tension, alleviate mental fatigue, and lift your spirits. 

8. Aiden & Coco Dawn Essential Spray

Inspired by the mist of dawn, this spray is a blend of rosemary, frankincense, and eucalyptus that helps refresh your clarity and open channels for positive energy. Use this mist to make a home spa right in your shower or as an aid to your meditation, helping you set intentions and reset your mind. Made with rosemary, a fragrant evergreen plant that can boost mental activity, this spray can stimulate your appetite, relieve fatigue and stress, and enhance concentration.

9. Aiden & Coco Glow Essential Spray

Blended with clementine, lemon, and orange flower essences, Glow is a harmonious citrus burst to energize the air and revitalize your tired skin and senses. This all-natural pick-me-up will give you an energy and clarity boost. Made with witch hazel, one of the most prized ingredients in natural skincare products, this spray’s soothing and natural astringent properties can help tighten your skin, reduce irritation, and fight bacteria.

10. PUBLIC GOODS Rosemary Essential Oil

With antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities, topical application of rosemary oil helps to protect your skin from infection, balance oils, and calm acne and eczema. Its refreshing scent also makes it an energizing aromatherapy. This oil from PUBLIC GOODS is made with 100% premium, organic, and therapeutic-grade rosemary oil. Only the best for your skin!

11. PUBLIC GOODS Argan Oil

High in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil safely nourishes your skin, hair, and nails. Applied topically, it’s renowned for its effectiveness in reducing chronic inflammation, calming acne and eczema, healing scars, and improving the overall softness and appearance of skin. When used as a leave-in conditioner, argan oil works to repair split ends, heal dry scalp and dandruff, and promote healthy hair growth. This PUBLIC GOODS oil is intended for various skincare concerns, including hyperpigmentation and inflammation.


What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils can be used in many different ways, but they generally address beauty and wellness concerns. Some find essential oils to be soothing because of the peaceful scent they add to your space.

Others swear by the effects of essential oils in skin and hair care. Rosemary, for example, has been found to help with dandruff and greasy hair. Frankincense is a cult favorite among people with acne-prone skin.

How do I use essential oils?

A common way to use essential oils is an essential oil diffuser. Using a diffuser allows the aroma of your oils to fill the entire room. The best essential oils for a diffuser will have a pleasant and calming smell that helps you feel at home in your space. 

If you don’t have the room or budget for a diffuser, you can use an essential oil mist or serum for a similar effect. Some people also like to put ingestible oils into teas and food — but none of the products on this list are made to eat or drink. 

Which essential oil is the best?

Essential oils have unique benefits, so the best essential oil for you will depend on the self-care concerns you want to target. Popular essential oils include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, lemongrass, and cedarwood. 

Many essential oils are for stress relief, while others target low mood, bacteria, inflammation, and other nuisances. 

  • Lavender essential oil

Lavender can be used in many ways, but it’s particularly popular for addressing stress and improving your sleep. This oil is gentle and versatile, perfect for essential oil novices.

  • Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. This plant can also support your digestion and help you fight fatigue.

  • Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus is a great way to relieve a stuffy nose, and it can help ease aches and pain. Eucalyptus is often used as an aromatic essential oil because it clears your nasal passage.

  • Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil can relieve nausea and kill bacteria. It’s also popular among people who struggle with stress and anxiety.

  • Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood is a great way to combat anxious nights. This oil can help relieve the stress you feel before you fall asleep so you can get a good night's rest.

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