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Meet the ‘90s Assignment With Our Favorite Lip Glosses

Nov 14, 2022
Nov 14, 2022

With the iconic Y2K lip gloss aesthetic returning, you’ve probably seen ultra-glossy lips everywhere. A high-shine lip gloss is a must-have for any makeup bag. It amps up a look and delivers an eye-catching finishing touch. 

While including lip gloss in your makeup routine is a breeze, finding the perfect gloss might seem daunting. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic red lip gloss or want to find the most popular lip gloss, it’s on Flip. Here are the best lip glosses on the market — we’re sure you’ll find your go-to product.

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woman putting lip gloss on her after shower
Table of Contents

1. KAJA Gloss Shot Lip Gloss

This hydrating lip gloss provides a high-shine finish that’s perfect for making a statement. The nourishing formula includes jojoba seed and rosehip fruit oils to smooth, soften, and moisturize. 

2. Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine

This universally flattering gloss delivers intense moisture while effortlessly gliding on lips. The gloss features translucent iridescent pearls to create the illusion of volume and fullness while leaving you with a high-shine finish. It feels comfortable and hydrating all day.

3. Jouer High Pigment Pearl Lip Gloss

This gloss is plush, easy to wear, and gives lips a perfect pearly sheen. It comes in various shades, from baby pink lip gloss to deep berry, to complement any makeup look and skin tone. The formula includes coconut and jojoba seed oils to nourish and soften skin. Plus, it’s not sticky and glides on effortlessly. 

4. Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Gloss

Too Faced is one of the best lip gloss brands because of their wide shade range and plumping ingredients. This plumping lip gloss makes your pout appear fuller and super hydrated after just one swipe.

5. Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly

This isn’t your average lip gloss — ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly looks like a juicy gloss without being sticky or drying. The formula contains nourishing oils to hydrate lips, while the pigmented color is long-lasting and looks fabulous. 

6. About Face ​​Light Lock Lip Gloss – No Hard Feelings

This glossy lip oil is infused with natural peppermint, lavender, and coconut to soften and protect skin. It comes in a neutral gloss with a shimmery finish and more pigmented shades like mint and yellow. 

7. Jason Wu Beauty Extra Pout Lip Gloss Plumper

This luxe lip gloss adds fullness while vitamin E nourishes and hydrates. The finished product is a high-shine finish and plump, moisturized lips. 

8. Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss – Charm

This glossy lip balm is enriched with green tea to keep lips hydrated while imparting lasting color and shine. The formula never leaves you with sticky lips, and the soft brush makes for an effortless, smooth application.

9. Pink House Rose Lip Love

This lip gloss from Pink House has a subtle shimmer for a shiny finish. You’ll enjoy an energizing citrusy scent when starting your day with this lip balm. 

10. Dose of Colors Stay Glossy Lip Gloss

This non-sticky lip gloss makes lips feel smooth and hydrated. The formula features collagen-rich coconut oil to improve elasticity and plumpness. Vitamins E and A reduce sun damage and repair the signs of aging for a healthy-looking pout.  

11. Elaluz Oil Infused Lip Gloss

 This oil-infused gloss comes in various shades for completing every makeup look. The formula includes nourishing oils to hydrate lips for a pillowy-soft appearance. It features a gourmand vanilla scent.


How do you take care of your lips?

Lip care is an important — yet oft-forgotten — skincare routine step. Your lips are sensitive and take on elemental damage daily. 

To repair and protect your lips, we recommend regularly using a nourishing lip balm or oil. Gently exfoliate your lips weekly to remove dead skin. Apply SPF lip balm to prevent them from sun damage and aging.

Is lip balm or gloss better?

While lip balm and gloss are similar, they have fundamental differences. You can think of lip gloss as part of a makeup routine and balm as part of a skincare routine. A gloss has a liquid consistency and always delivers a shiny finish, whether it’s pigmented or not. A balm is typically a creamy consistency with a natural, matte finish. Some balms have a tint, but their primary focus is to nourish lips.

You can also layer products. Start with a balm to soften lips, then apply gloss for color and shine. 

Determining which product is best is up to your makeup preferences. Balms might be best if you like simple products and natural makeup looks. Glosses are a great way to elevate your makeup look. 

What are some other lip products?

Here are a few alternatives to lip balm and gloss — pair products to match your look. 

  • Lip stain soaks into skin rather than sitting on top, leaving lips with long-lasting, transfer-free color.
  • Lipstick is a classic beauty product — it’s thick and creamy, and comes in every shade and finish imaginable
  • Lip liner is a pencil or pen product used to define your lip’s edges to make them stand out.

Lip gloss can be layered with other products. A glossy finish is a simple way to draw attention to your lips. You can use a base coat of lipstick or stain, then add a layer of sheer gloss. Some glosses act as liquid lipsticks with bold, lasting color — apply lip liner for a defined lip look.

Enjoy stand-out lips

Gloss is a resourceful item that gets along with other lip products in your makeup bag. An excellent gloss elevates a look — and nourishes lips. 

To feel confident you’ve found your lip’s new best friend, check out video reviews on Flip. You’ll discover creators offering honest, candid advice on the beauty industry’s most popular products.

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