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Your Complete Guide to Growing the Best Beard

A man might want to grow a beard for many reasons. For one, facial hair can make you look older and more rugged. This often boosts men's confidence around women. There's even research to back this up: Back in 2008, researchers in the UK asked women to rank men with different facial hair according to various traits. Men with beards ranked highest in many categories, including maturity, dominance, and masculinity. 

Another reason you may want to grow a beard is for aesthetics and lifestyle — you enjoy the look and don't want to shave daily. But it's important to remember that growing a beard takes time, patience, and commitment. Plus, once that beard is growing and thriving on your chin, you need to maintain it to keep your look "handsome and mature" (rather than "mountain man" — unless that’s what you’re after). 

Growing a beard isn't easy. From genetics to testosterone levels to your diet and exercise routine, many factors are at play. But it’s possible to grow a compliment-worthy beard. Ready to give facial hair a try? Here's how to grow a beard like a boss.

September 13, 2022
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Table of Contents

How to grow a great beard

Technically, if you want to grow a beard, all you need to do is stop shaving. But if you want to grow a great beard, your facial hair requires special care as it grows. A little patience and extra time spent in front of the mirror will help you shape your beard so you look your best throughout the growth process. 

Here are a few tips that can help you grow out your beard. 

Get a nice clean shave

The first thing you need before you grow a beard is one last shave. Cutting hair that you want to grow might seem counterintuitive, but hear us out: shaving gives you a fresh canvas to shape your beard. 

There’s a key reason you should start growing a beard from a clean-shaven face (contrary to popular belief, it's not to stimulate hair follicles). Good skincare is essential for a good-looking beard. When you fully shave your face, you can begin exfoliating and moisturizing your skin directly. This skincare routine will create the perfect environment for beard growth and prevent irritation and itchiness during the initial growth stages. 

Define your beard

A great beard isn't just healthy, full, and clean — it also suits your face shape. Once your beard starts to grow, you'll want to think about which beard style you want to wear. Will you stick with a five o'clock shadow? Maybe a short boxed beard to accentuate your jawline? Or perhaps you want to go all in and try some old-school mutton chops. 

Whatever you decide, it is important to define the edges of your beard as it grows. After about two months of hair growth, it's time to grab a razor or electric trimmer and clean up your cheek line. Trimming along the beard’s edge makes your facial hair look more intentional (and prevents potential patchiness where hair grows unevenly). 

Mind your neckline

Wondering what separates a great beard from one that looks ragged and unkempt? Your neckline. When you start growing a beard, you’ll find that the hair extends farther down your neck than anticipated. If you trim your neckline correctly, you can have a classy, clean-looking beard that flatters your face.

How do you find your ideal beard neckline? Just place your index and middle fingers on top of your Adam's apple. Your index finger will create a line with your jawline; this is where your beard should stop. 

Be patient

Growing and keeping a beard long takes work and dedication — but most of all, it takes patience. For most men, facial hair growth is only half an inch per month. A full-bodied, "scruffy beard" takes at least a month to grow, while a longer beard (like a Verdi beard) can take anywhere from six to eight months. 

Genetics also play a factor in how quickly your beard grows. Some men can grow thick, beautiful beards in what seems like mere minutes, while others can't get a single hair to sprout. If you feel like your beard growth is below average, you can try using biotin supplements to promote keratin production (that's the protein that makes up your hair and nails). If you’re considering stimulants, we recommend consulting a dermatologist first. Whatever you do, one thing is certain: Don't give up.

Pro tip: There will be times during this process when you have a patchy beard that looks more "messy" than "manly." If you push past the patchiness and stay on top of your skincare and beard maintenance, you'll have an enviable beard before you know it.

Beard maintenance

Beard growth is an impressive feat, but it's only half the battle in the fight for great facial hair. To have the best beard possible, you must commit to beard care and maintenance. A key element of this maintenance is regular trimming.

Trimming your beard can seem like a complicated process (especially for men who are personal-care novices). But the process is quite simple and can even be calming and meditative. Here's what you should do:

  • Start by washing your beard. You can use beard shampoo and conditioner if necessary, but the most important thing is to hydrate the hair. 
  • Use a specialized beard comb to brush through the hair and untangle any knots.
  • Grab a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer (whichever you prefer) and remove stray hairs on your cheeks and neckline. Remember to clean up your mustache as well.
  • Use your favorite beard balm or oil to give your beard and mustache shape and shine. Then, do one final rinse to remove loose hairs from your face. 

We recommend trimming your beard every 7-10 days for the best results.

Your beard-growth shopping list

By now, it should be clear that growing a beard requires much more than sheer willpower. Luckily, many beard-growing products exist to help you achieve the beard of your dreams. Flip has a few top-notch beard products you can use to start your facial hair journey:

Jack Henry's Beard Oil 

The best beards are healthy, full, and silky. To achieve that look, you need quality beard oil. We recommend this blend of organic jojoba, grapeseed, sunflower, and bergamot oils. Just put a dime-sized amount in your hands and rub the oil through your beard. You'll find that it makes your beard touchably soft. Plus, it's great for dry skin. 

Beard Grooming Kit From Golden Grooming Co

We've said it before, but it bears repeating: Grooming and maintenance are essential for a great beard. This kit from Golden Grooming Co. is a top pick for anyone learning how to grow a beardstache, beard, or mustache. This kit contains the scissors, combs, and brushes you need for trimming a mustache or beard, all in one sleek bag. 

Simple Alchemy's Beard & Mustache Balm

If you have a long beard or mustache, proper care will also involve taming and styling. A beard balm can give your facial hair a soft hold that keeps it in place, whether you're keeping your beard ends from looking too scraggly or shaping your mustache into the perfect handlebar. This balm contains all-natural, plant-based ingredients, so it's great for your hair and smells like a forest. 

Your favorite shaving foam

You won't use as much shaving cream when you have a beard, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't splurge on a nice foam now and again. A tube of quality shaving cream provides a refreshing feeling when maintaining your beard’s edge, and it can be a great moisturizer for your skin. Try Proraso's foam for a refreshing feel, or use Rockwell Originals' cream for a barbershop-style finish. 

Heliotrope Aftershave

Aftershave is always essential. This combination of aloe vera and cucumber helps cool, hydrate, and moisturize your post-shave skin. With less redness and reduced irritation, you’ll be enjoying healthy skin all day long.

Learning how to grow a beard can feel overwhelming at first, but if you commit to the process and follow our tips, your beard will thank you. With the right products, a thoughtful routine, and enough time, you’ll have one of the best-looking beards on the block.

If you’re not sure where to start, find creators on Flip with excellent beards and see which products they’re raving about. You can test them out to start building a routine that works for you.

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