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Dramatic Lashes Have Never Been Easier To Achieve

Oct 13, 2022
Oct 13, 2022

False eyelashes elevate any look. They bring that little pop to a no-makeup day or complete an all-glam face. While a beauty technician can apply false lashes, you can also apply certain types at home. This beginner’s guide outlines everything necessary to learn how to put on eyelashes.

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Table of Contents

Which false eyelashes should I choose?

There are several kinds of false lashes — finding the right falsies depends on the look you’re hoping to create. Here are the main types: 

Strip lashes

This classic fake eyelash type adheres via glue to the upper lash line. Strip lashes come in different sizes and shapes, like long and fluttery, thick and bold, and even glittery. 


These small groups of lashes are used to build a customized look. They take more patience to apply, but you have more control over where you add length and volume. 


These lashes gradually increase in length, the longest being at the outer corner of the eye. This gives a nice cat eye effect that pairs perfectly with winged eyeliner.

Magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are the newest falsie type. They’re applied with magnetic eyeliner and come in various styles.

How to apply false eyelashes

It’s time to apply your new favorite pair of lashes. The following steps work for every lash type above. 

1. Measure the lashes

Using a tweezer (we recommend Tweezerman’s Platinum Silver Slant Tweezer), hold the lashes up to your eyelids to figure out how long you want them. 

2. Trim them

Cut the eyelash strip to your preferred length. We recommend MoxieLash’s Lash Scissors because they’re designed to trim lashes, which is helpful, as falsies are delicate and difficult to hold. 

3. Prep your natural lashes

Curl your natural lashes gently. The Almost Famous Lash Lifter Eyelash Curler works well because it’s gentle and gives a subtle curl (plus it comes in a chic rose gold color), but any lash curler will do. 

4. Apply eyelash glue or magnetic eyeliner

Apply a small amount of eyelash glue evenly to the lash strip, letting it dry for 30 seconds until it becomes tacky. If you’re using magnetic lashes, apply magnetic liner to your top lash line. 

5. Place the lashes

Once the glue is ready, place the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible, ensuring it’s firmly on your skin. Before the glue dries, adjust the lashes to fit your lash line. If using magnetic lashes, simply connect the lashes to the magnetic liner strip. 

6. Finish application

Apply a coat of mascara to fuse natural and false lashes into a seamless look, making any touch-ups necessary, like cleaning up eyeliner or eyeshadow that was smudged during the application process. 

Tips and tricks

Perfecting lash application takes practice — here are a few tips to help you get started. 

  • Apply makeup before lashes. Lash application should be one of the final steps in your makeup routine. It’s easier to apply eyeshadow and liner without falsies in the way. 
  • Use tweezers for placement. This makes precise application easier. 
  • Use eyeliner and eyeshadow to disguise the strip. Apply eyeliner before application, and touch up your liner and eyeshadow post-application to blend the strip. 
  • Use a magnifying mirror. A magnifying mirror makes it easier to get the best placement.
  • Keep practicing. Experiment with different eyelashes and practice application to find the right style, shape, and size for you. 

People also ask

What’s the difference between fake eyelashes and lash extensions?

False eyelashes are more temporary than lash extensions — they’re applied with your makeup and should be removed before bed. You apply these yourself without the help of a professional. 

Lash extensions last several weeks. They’re always applied by a professional but can be removed at home

Are fake lashes reusable?

With proper care, falsies can be worn multiple times. When removing, gently peel the lashes from your eyelid, holding the lash strip. Avoid pulling too hard, as you may lose some natural lashes or damage your fake ones. Thoroughly clean the lashes with makeup remover, removing any excess glue with tweezers. Store the lashes in a clean, dry place. 

What are the easiest eyelashes to apply?

Magnetic eyelashes are the easiest falsies to use — simply apply magnetic eyeliner and place the lashes on. They easily connect to the liner, so there's no need to mess with sticky glue.

Practice Makes Perfect

With a bit of practice, applying fake lashes will feel like another effortless step in your makeup routine. Have fun experimenting with different styles, and enjoy becoming a lash application expert in the process. 

For help picking out your new falsie set, check out our community’s favorite lashes. Our reviewers provide before and after fake lash looks so you can feel sure about your purchase.

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