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All Eyes on You with These False Eyelashes

If even the best mascara isn’t giving you the length, volume, and fullness you want for your eyelashes, false eyelashes are a great beauty product to try. With false eyelashes, you can get a full glam look in minutes at home. False lashes upgrade your look instantly, drawing all attention to your eyes. 

If you want the best false eyelashes with a natural look, trim your favorite lashes to your desired length. You can also apply only a few lashes to the outer corners of your eyes for a subtler, doe-eyed look.

For years, false eyelashes were applied with glue. But, new magnetic lashes have made a major splash in the beauty industry. Magnetic lashes make falsies easier to apply, giving you more options for your lashes. A line of magnetic eyeliner lets the magnets on the lashes adhere all day long. 

To find the best false eyelashes for an effortlessly glam look — including some of the best magnetic false eyelashes — all you need to do is look on Flip.

August 8, 2022
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Close up of woman wearing red fake eyelashes
Table of Contents

1. Liane V Beauty Coffee Lover - Classic Lashes

Flared and voluminous, Coffee Lover adds the right amount of drama to any setting, from a casual brunch with friends to a romantic date night. These lashes are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. The lashes have an ultra-thin band, and they should last up to 20 uses with proper care. For the best results, apply with the highly pigmented Easy Fix Magnetic + Classic Liner

2. Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes - Babygirl

These short, round lashes are perfect for highlighting your eyes with a natural finish. Forget about eyelash glue — these lashes are easy to apply and will stay on all day. To use, trim the outer corner of the magnetic lash to fit your eye width. Apply Glamnetic's magnetic liner on the lash line, allow it to dry, and adhere the lashes. These are some of the best false eyelashes for everyday wear because they add just the right amount of glamour to your daytime look.

3. Liane V Beauty Let's Take A Selfie - Magnetic Lashes

Long and wispy lashes create a wide-eyed look without stealing the show. This lash sits seamlessly along the lash-line to deliver comfortable, all-day wear with the strong hold of magnets. These lashes make the perfect, chic statement while being easy to apply and remove. You can easily take your makeup to the next level at home — no professional makeup artist necessary.

4. Glamnetic ​​QT Short Cat Eye Lashes

Be certified chic, seven days a week. The QT lash is your everyday sweetheart lash that feels natural and lightweight. The comfortable and seamless magnets make it ideal for all-day wear, and its criss-cross fibers will add a certain flair to your minimal look. With slightly more volume towards the ends, the QT lash will accentuate your outer corners for a winged cat eye effect that complements most eye shapes. The lashes are made of high-quality synthetic fiber and are reusable up to 60 times. Lash anchors hold your natural lash between the magnetic lash to ensure your lashes will stay in place all day long.

5. Liane V Beauty Vacation Mode - Classic Lashes

These rounded lashes with criss-cross hairs give a subtle, flirty look for any time of the day. Lightweight and comfortable, you can wear these lashes over and over — they even come with a case to store them safely and extend wear. These glue lashes apply in under a minute and serve glam all day.

6. MoxieLash Cozy Lash

Cozy Lash is a natural magnetic lash that tapers on both ends for three-dimensional center fullness and volume. Small, comfy, and featherlight, these premium vegan magnetic lashes are perfect for all eye shapes. Do you know your favorite pair of jeans that you could wear every day? These are them in lash form. Made for 24-hour wear, this ultra-thin magnetic lash band contours and flexes naturally to your eye shape.


ICONIC London’s strip-lashes create a 3D, textured, and feathery look in seconds. These vegan and cruelty-free faux mink lashes are made from luxurious synthetic fibers that mimic natural hair for a soft finish that looks super flattering on all eye shapes. The light, fluttery effect of faux mink lash fibers also blends better with your natural lashes than a standard strip lash for a more seamless and sophisticated look. Whether you’re after an everyday look with a trendy cat-eye flare or some volume and drama for desk-to-dancing glam, these eye-enhancing lashes will quickly become your new secret weapon.

8. Liane V Beauty Island Girl - Magnetic Lashes

The semi-dramatic and wispy-winged shape of this lash creates volume and glam with a subtle ombre lash effect. Island Girl is light and comfortable for long wear with a hold secured by 12 magnets. To apply these lashes, you can forget lash glue. Instead, apply magnetic eyeliner to help your lashes stay without any hassle. These lashes have the ultimate easy application, which is why magnetic lashes are a trending favorite in the beauty industry.

9. Glamnetic VIP Long Cat Eye Lashes

Red carpet style is a cinch with the VIP lash. Crafted from vegan-friendly faux mink, this lash is fluffy, soft, and comfortably lightweight. The semi-dramatic winged shape has plenty of volume and creates a glamorous almond shape. Ideal for movie premieres, black tie balls, and whenever you're feeling a little extra, be ready to head out the door in seconds. VIP is all-vegan and created with the highest quality synthetic fiber to achieve the same fluffiness, curl, and dimensionality as mink. These are among the best false eyelashes for hooded eyes, as the flared ends create an opening effect.

10. Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink

These popular 3D Mink lashes are recreated in luxury Faux Mink! Lilly Lashes’ dramatic round 3D lashes add enviable volume and depth to your lash look and are ideal for those who want their eye look to be ultra glam. The unique design of interlacing V-shaped clusters creates a dramatic lash look while providing seamlessly blended results with your natural lashes for a flirty, full finish.


What are fake eyelashes?

Mascara isn't your only option if you want to enhance your eyelashes. You could get eyelash extensions, a cosmetic treatment done by an esthetician. These lashes last several weeks. If you want an at-home, affordable, and time-saving alternative to fake lashes, there are many falsie kits you can buy on Flip. Fake eyelashes are just what they sound like: A pair of eyelashes you stick to your eyelids to enhance your natural lashes. Fake lashes can help highlight your eyes no matter the shape, from almond to hooded. You can also customize lashes to your eye shape by cutting the lash into pieces before applying.

What are the easiest false eyelashes to put on?

If you want easy, fast application, magnetic false lashes are ideal. The process doesn’t differ from your makeup routine without falsies: Swap out your regular eyeliner for the magnetic eyeliner, apply as you normally would, and stick lashes right onto the liner. If you’re loyal to lash glue, the best glue for false lashes will be easy to apply, fast-drying, and long-lasting. Personal preference will determine which glue works best for you. 

Which false eyelashes are best for beginners?

The best false eyelashes for beginners are magnetic lashes. With magnetic lashes, the lash adheres to your eyeliner with no sticky residue. Lash glue can be difficult to apply — the lashes can slide out of place, and the glue can be messy. Magnetic lashes eliminate the need for any glue. Magnetic lashes also make it easy to remove your lashes without having to scrub away tacky residue.

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