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Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare
Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare
/make beauty serum balm intense os sun flare
/make beauty serum balm intense os sun flare
/make beauty serum balm intense os sun flare
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review of MAKE Beauty Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare Coral orange by laidbacklizard
review of MAKE Beauty Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare Coral orange by thejessicablum
review of MAKE Beauty Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare Coral orange by beautyinmonolids

Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare #MAKE Beauty

Color: Coral orange


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review of MAKE Beauty Serum Balm Intense - Sun Flare Coral orange by laidbacklizard

Review by Becca

Becca, a reviewer, shares her positive experience with the Serum Balm Intense in Coral orange color by MAKE Beauty. She expresses her love for the product, having received two in her Flip box last month and ordering another one. Becca mentions using the shade "sun flare" and describes it as a gorgeous bright orange that can be used for full pigment or sheered out. She also notes that it can be used as a blush, applying it with her fingers. Becca appreciates the even fading and non-sticky, gel-like consistency of the balm. She concludes by expressing her desire to try more colors. Overall, Becca's review highlights the versatility, long-lasting wear, and pleasant texture of the Serum Balm Intense, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a vibrant and comfortable lip product.

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  • fade really evenly
  • not sticky at all
  • gel consistency

Review by Becca

Serum Balm Intense

Overall, the Serum Balm Intense in Coral orange color offers a unique opportunity to create a striking and eye-catching appearance. Its vibrant shade allows for a bold statement, while the smooth texture of the balm ensures easy application. However, it is important to note that individual results may vary depending on personal preferences and skin tone.

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About MAKE Beauty

About MAKE Beauty

LOOK FORWARD We create modern, personal care enhancements - utilitarian, multifunctional skincare and cosmetic essentials, designed to work seamlessly in daily rituals of beauty. Harnessing the advancements of biotechnology, we formulate with sustainable botanical materials, lab engineered natural ingredients, and skin-compatible synthetics that go beyond the concept of clean. MAKE FOUNDED: 2013 RESET: 2021 To me, MAKE has always been a brand ahead of its time. When it launched in 2013, it was one of the first beauty brands to communicate in a voice that felt human, celebrating community and individuality with authentic diversity and unique expression. I believe MAKE paved the way for so many brands we know and love today. A year ago, when I was thinking about how MAKE should evolve into the future, it was important to me to bring through those aspects of the original brand DNA, while also creating a brand that would push us forward into the next chapter of what beauty means. For me, that means sustainability as the standard, utilizing cleaner and more effective ingredients, leaning into technology both in formulations and the digital experience, and playing with pigment again. Meet the first wave of MAKE 2.0, a collection of utilitarian personal care essentials designed to work seamlessly into your daily routine. Partnering with biotech labs, our formulas utilize sustainable botanical materials, Lab Engineered Natural Ingredients (or L.E.N.I.) and skin-compatible synthetics that push beyond the concept of clean. Many of you may be surprised that we are starting with skincare, but I believe beautiful skin lays the foundation for beautiful color. I promise color is on its way soon...I can’t imagine a future without it. CARRIE BARBER
 Owner & Creative Director

Founded in: 2013
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
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