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Kelsey Elizabeth - _sincerelylovely
Kelsey Elizabeth
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“Self care isnt an expense, its an investment” Testing the latest products so you don’t have to


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The 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 in Almond mg5 color by PUR was reviewed by Kelsey, who typically uses tinted moisturizers instead of foundation. She compared this product to her usual go-to and found the color to be a bit too yellow for her skin tone. However, she did appreciate the application and the inclusion of SPF. Kelsey mentioned that the product felt lightweight on her skin, which is a definite plus for a tinted moisturizer. Overall, she asked for viewers' opinions on the product. Despite the color issue, the moisturizer's easy application, SPF protection, and lightweight feel make it a potentially beneficial option for those seeking a tinted moisturizer with added sun protection.

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The 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 in Almond mg5 color by PUR is reviewed by Kelsey in their video. Kelsey describes the product as sweet and compares it to candy. They mention that the tinted moisturizer is not a real cherry but can be a sweet substitute. The product is praised for its ability to provide a sugary touch when desired. However, the review does not provide much information about the actual performance or benefits of the tinted moisturizer. It is unclear whether the product effectively moisturizes or provides adequate sun protection. Overall, the review lacks substantial details to assess the product's quality and effectiveness.

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The reviewer, Kelsey, had been using the same brow product for six years and decided to switch it up by trying the Refill - Part Brow Liner in Americano gel color by Trestique. However, she mistakenly ordered just the refill instead of the full system. Despite this, Kelsey found that the color, Americano, looked natural and close to her brow color. She asked for opinions on whether she should buy the full system and give it a proper try. Overall, the product seems to have a natural-looking color and potential benefits, but it is important to note that this review does not provide information on the product's application, longevity, or other features.

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