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Sinia Hossien - siniahossien
Sinia Hossien
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Fashion/Beauty lover and YouTuber lifestyle base. email me on shiniahossien94@gmail.com for pr ❤️


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Review by Sinia

Satin Heatless Curling Set

Sinia was highly impressed with the results they got from the KITSCH Satin Heatless Curling Set. They were shocked at the outcome and were pleased to show the front of the curls to their viewers. Sinia found the set to be easy to use and the curls to be long-lasting. They were also pleased with the fact that the set did not require heat, making it a great option for those who want to avoid heat styling. Sinia concluded that the KITSCH Satin Heatless Curling Set is a great choice for anyone looking for a heatless curling option that produces beautiful, long-lasting curls.

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Review by Sinia

Bento Shadow Trio

The Bento Shadow Trio in Rosewater color by KAJA is a cute and versatile eyeshadow palette, as highlighted by Sinia in their video review. The palette features three different shades of eyeshadow, which Sinia swatches and expresses excitement about. The second color in particular seems to impress Sinia. Overall, the product appears to be visually appealing and offers a range of options for creating different eye looks. However, the review does not provide any information about the product's performance, longevity, or ease of application. Therefore, it is difficult to fully assess the product's effectiveness. Nonetheless, the Bento Shadow Trio in Rosewater color by KAJA seems to be a promising eyeshadow palette based on its design and color selection.

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Review by Sinia

Mochi Pop Blush

Sinia reviewed the Mochi Pop Blush in Aura color by KAJA in a video. The reviewer mentioned that the product had a lightweight texture and spoke positively about its effect on their body. They also mentioned that the blush had a pleasant color, referred to as "Aura." Overall, Sinia seemed to be pleased with the product, as they mentioned that it had a positive impact on their appearance. However, the transcription provided does not offer specific details about the product's application, longevity, or other potential drawbacks.

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