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Make Your Dreams of Being a Beauty Influencer a Reality With Flip

Feeling like your follower count is stuck? Building a platform comes with growing pains, and it’s frustrating when your growth starts to plateau. But don’t give up — we’re here to help you take your Flip profile to the next level. 

Flip combines shopping for beauty and self-care products with social media. You can achieve beauty influencer status on Flip — all it takes is a sprinkle of creativity, consistency, and strategy. 

Read on for our five tips to grow your profile on Flip. Your influencer status is right around the corner.

August 31, 2022
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What’s the appeal of being an influencer?

Beauty influencers are social media personalities whose knowledge of and passion for makeup and self-care have earned them a dedicated following. People flock to influencers to learn about effective products, reliable brands, and new techniques to level up their own beauty game. 

Becoming a beauty influencer on Flip will allow you to connect with a rewarding community of beauty and self-care lovers just like you. You’ll help your viewers shop with confidence and grow their relationships with makeup, skincare, and hair care. And you’ll be paid for your work. 

Building a platform on Flip allows you to earn money while you create. We pay creators based on their influence, which is determined by the popularity of their videos and live streams. 

Views translate directly to earnings — and so do sales. When you post a review or feature a product on a live stream, viewers can buy that product directly from your video. When this happens, you earn money from the purchase. The more reach your videos have, the more views you’ll rack up and products you’ll sell. You don’t need to be a mega-influencer to make money, but you’ll earn more with a large following.

Who is considered an influencer?

You might think that to be an influencer you need tens of thousands of followers, but that’s not the case. The “influencer” title has three  categories, based on follower count:  

  • A micro-influencer has 1,000 to 40,000 followers
  • A macro-influencer has 40,000 to one million followers
  • A mega-influencer has over one million followers

Micro-influencers may have far fewer followers than beauty’s biggest stars, but content creators can build a loyal audience no matter the size of their platform. Being an influencer isn’t about going viral overnight — you can start small and grow your following over time.

5 tips to help you grow your profile on Flip 

Flip is designed to make content creation rewarding. You don’t need a complicated social media strategy to become a beauty influencer on our platform — we want everyone to find success, even beginners. Let us help you pop off with our insider knowledge.  

  1. Be informative

When creating your reviews, add educational content about the product to help your viewers make informed decisions when they shop. Share what you like about the product — maybe it’s the ingredients, the packaging, or how well it works — or, if you aren’t a fan, explain why you wouldn’t buy it again. If you have tips and tricks for using the product, create a tutorial for your followers.

  1. Encourage shares

Video shares help you reach a broader audience and earn more followers and views. To encourage shares, include a call to action at the end of your videos. Ask your viewers to send the video around if they found it helpful. If you post a video reviewing an amazing curly hair product, suggest your followers share it with their curly-haired friends. 

  1. Make your profile easy to find

Link your Flip profile to your broader social media presence. If you have a large Instagram following, for example, encourage your followers to check out your Flip profile, too. Fans of your content will follow you to another platform, especially if you advertise just how informative and valuable your content is on Flip.

  1. Post at the right times

Posting your content while your audience is active on Flip will help you grow your platform quickly. Finding the best time to post will take some trail and error.

Begin by spreading your posts across the morning, the afternoon, and evening and make note of which videos get the most views. Avoid posting late at night and early in the morning — many shoppers will be asleep. Next, post on each day of the week to determine which days have the most activity. Once you’ve found the most effective days and times for making your posts, you can build a consistent schedule that optimizes your engagement.

  1. Review trending products

If you’re unsure how to increase your view count on reviews, check out the “Trending” page for inspiration. There, you can find the top 20 products and videos on any given day. 

Reviewing trending products allows you to create content you know your audience will be interested in. And when people search for a popular product, your video will show up in the reviews, earning you more exposure and follows. 

Put your new knowledge into action

You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to get more followers on Flip. You’re creating authentic content that you’re passionate about — the views will come. 

Incorporating our tips into your content strategy will help your videos reach more people, and once they’re on your profile your stellar work will speak for itself. Be consistent, creative, and on-trend, and your platform will grow! You’re on track to become the next Flip beauty influencer, and we can’t wait to watch.

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