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Here’s How To Get Rid of Patches for a Fuller Beard

Oct 28, 2022
Mar 21, 2023

Growing the perfect beard takes patience, and waiting for patches to fill in can be discouraging. A thin beard is caused by many factors, including genetics and diet. 

No matter the reason for your beard’s thinness, there are ways to improve its fullness. This guide discusses how to grow a thick beard, so you can enjoy compliment-worthy facial hair.

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Table of Contents

Reasons for beard thinness

Beard thinness is caused by several factors. Sometimes, a combination of things deters your body from growing a thicker beard.

  • Genetics. Thank your parents for the thin facial hair — genetics are a strong determinant of how thick hair will grow naturally. 
  • Age. Beards take time to fully develop, and hair growth often slowly scales off after the age of 30. Be patient as you wait for your full beard to grow.
  • Alopecia areata. This type of hair loss affects hair follicles, leading to a patchy beard and bald spots.
  • Lack of nutrients. Certain vitamins and supplements are necessary to ensure full, healthy, and strong hair growth. Audit your diet if your hair isn’t growing as much as you’d like. 

Why some beards look thicker

There’s more to a thick beard than meets the eye. Here are a few superficial reasons some beards look thicker than others. 

  • Hair follicles. The natural size of your hair follicles determines hair strand thickness. If your individual hairs are thick, the beard will look fuller.
  • Hair color. Lighter hair looks thinner — darker hair immediately makes a beard look fuller. 
  • Beard density and length. If your facial hair area has more hair follicles and your beard is longer, it will look fuller overall, and the long hair can help disguise patchy areas.

How to grow a fuller beard

Here are a few suggestions for growing a fuller beard — combine items to increase efficacy. When in doubt, chat with your doctor about the best beard-growth options for you. 

  • Start a skincare routine. This routine should include a gentle cleanser, exfoliator, and nourishing moisturizer. Finish your routine with beard oil to encourage growth and make your beard hair feel smooth and healthy.
  • Take supplements. Get bloodwork done to ensure you’re consuming nutrients that are essential for hair growth. Watch for deficiencies in biotin, vitamins E, C, and D, and zinc, and purchase supplements if anything’s low.
  • Reduce stress. Stress is a significant cause of hair loss. Find ways to reduce stress, like taking deep breaths throughout the day, prioritizing your hobbies, and seeing friends. 
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle. When you take care of your body, it affects your overall health. Prioritize sleep, eat a balanced diet, and exercise. Your body, mind, and beard will thank you. 
  • Use a derma roller. Studies have shown that using a derma roller can encourage hair growth. We love ZOE AYLA’s Micro-Needling Derma Roller because it stimulates collagen production leading to healthier-looking skin and increased hair growth.
  • Try a hair loss treatment. Talk to your doctor about hair growth treatments like minoxidil — they’ll recommend the best option for you. 

Ultimately, thick beards take time. Try some of the above methods and be patient while your facial hair grows out. And don’t forget to give your face some love — a product like Cardon Bamboo’s Charcoal Face Mask and Beard Oil will improve skin quality and encourage healthy hair. 

People also ask 

How do you take care of a beard?

Wash your beard regularly to remove debris and bacteria build-up, using water or beard-specific shampoos and conditioners. After cleaning, apply a beard balm or oil to nourish your hair and skin. 

Brush out a longer beard to keep the hair looking smooth and uniform. Trim it regularly to avoid split ends and scraggly hairs. 

Shave your neck and cheeks regularly to keep your beard looking clean-cut and healthy. 

How long does it take to grow a thick beard?

The amount of time it takes for your beard to grow depends on genetics, age, and the methods used to keep your skin healthy. To grow your beard faster, try some of the tips mentioned above, like practicing a healthy lifestyle and using a hair-growth treatment prescribed by your doctor. 

How do you soothe an itchy or uncomfortable beard?

Nothing cues shaving like itchy, uncomfortable facial hair. Here are a few ways to soothe your discomfort. 

  • Regularly wash your face and beard. Scrub your facial hair with warm water and face wash or beard shampoo daily. 
  • Hydrate. Use beard oil after cleansing to soothe your skin and hydrate the area
  • Use gentle products. Avoid harsh, drying, and irritating ingredients like alcohol. Dry, irritated skin often means itchiness and discomfort.

Your best beard

With the right habits and product use, a full, healthy-looking beard is in your future. Check out product reviews on Flip and learn more about how to make facial hair grow thicker. Chances are, you’ll find creators with similar facial hair goals raving about the products that work for them.

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