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Some useful products to make your highlights pop

Highlights are a great way to add dimension to your natural hair without a complete makeover. That said, highlights need some maintenance, and the right products can ensure they look salon-fresh for a longer period. Your wallet, and your color-treated hair, will thank you for it.  

If you’ve got highlights, make sure you use color-safe products that aren’t too harsh. If they’re nourishing for the skin and scalp, all the better. Some can even protect your locks from heat and environmental factors to keep them healthy and hydrated. 

Maybe you want at-home products for highlights for colored dark hair, or perhaps you’re looking for hair products for blonde highlights — no matter what your need, we’ve done the groundwork for you. Here’s a handy compilation of some of our favorite hair products available on Flip for highlights to keep you looking like a showstopper.

July 25, 2022
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Woman having her hair washed with products for highlights at beauty salon
Table of Contents

1. Fekkai Shampoo Brighten & Boost

This shampoo is for blonde strands of every kind — natural and color-treated. This brightening cleanser has gentle, plant-based ingredients for soothing, effective cleansing. A blend of organic French chamomile extract, organic French lemon fruit extract, and salicylic acid work together to subtly brighten and highlight hair over time. The proprietary Environmental Protection Complex features pro-vitamin B5 for heat protection, specialty rice protein for solar protection, and edelweiss flower extract for protection from pollution and environmental factors. Suitable for color- and keratin-treated hair and hair that has been over-treated with chemicals.

2. Superzero Purple Shampoo Bar Blonde Hair

Bring out your best blonde yet. This product is perfected for blonde hair, both natural and dyed, and removes unwanted yellow or brassy tones. It is also recommended for white hair. Gently cleanse your hair while brightening your color with a nourishing blend of moisturizing avocado oil and tone-enhancing chamomile extract. Purple color pigments neutralize unwanted yellow or brass tones for a cool, ashier blonde and a clearer white; no bleaching is involved. The formula is clean and cruelty-free without sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, DEA, and synthetic fragrances.

3. Fekkai Multi-Tasker Brightening Air-dry Creme

This nourishing air-dry crème helps brighten and moisturize blonde strands and create effortless, lived-in waves. It’s infused with subtle, light-enhancing minerals to deliver an immediate, covetable radiance and easy-to-style strands. A blend of organic Provence French chamomile extract, organic Provence French lemon fruit extract and salicylic acid work together to subtly brighten and highlight hair over time. It is made with pineapple- and papaya-derived enzymes, pink pomelo extract, and white tea extract that supports subtle brightening. The citrus scent, spiked with verdant green notes, are a delight too.

4. Phyto Phytolium+ Anti Hair Thinning Treatment

If you notice your hair thinning, whether it’s from intense damage caused by bleach or other treatments, or maybe it’s just genetics, Phytolium+ acts on the initial signs of thinning hair in men, thanks to a combination of unique active ingredients that work in synergy to help slow down thinning, revitalize and strengthen hair from the first stages. Its formula, made with 93% natural ingredients, focuses on making your hair more resilient.

5. Luseta Color Brightening Hair Mask

Luseta Color Brightening Hair Mask is a vital step in revitalizing blonde hair. This hair mask conditions deeply and provides moisture to blonde and gray hair. It neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and removes brassiness from your hair. It’s enriched with quinoa seed, biotin, and collagen to protect and strengthen your hair and provides intense nourishment for color-treated blonde hair or delicate strands. Its UV filters protect from color fade, while the coconut oil helps nourish, moisturize, and condition. Biotin contributes to the production of healthy hair.

6. Keratin Complex Blondeshell Debrass Shampoo

Keratin Complex's Blondeshell Debrass Shampoo is a lavender purple pigmented shampoo that eliminates brassy tones for a brighter, more vibrant hair color. Keratin amino acids work to condition and protect fragile, over-processed, and damaged hair. This one’s for all hair types and color shades. The purple formula brightens and tones hair color, and a fade-fighting complex with chamomile helps neutralize brassy hair and enhance all shades, but especially blonde, gray, and silver hair. Lavender oil encourages healthy hair growth, while a blend of wheat and oat proteins increases hair's resilience to heat styling, sun damage, and daily aggressors.

7. Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Purple Toning Mask

Blonde locks deserve special treatment. Whether your hair is naturally blonde, dyed blonde, highlighted, or gray, Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Purple Toning Mask is your solution. It uses dark violet pigments to reduce brass and unwanted yellow tones while deeply conditioning your hair for a softer feel. This mask softens your hair to look and feel good because it is formulated with violet rice extract and murumuru seed butter. Need another reason to love this mask? No sulfate surfactants, parabens, or silicones here. 

8. Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Shampoo

Blondes, your wash day just got brighter. Your hair color can lose its vibrancy to sun exposure and styling products. That’s why Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Purple Shampoo combines the power of toning — you know, maintaining the vibrancy of your blonde while fighting brassy and yellow tones — with the benefits of this gentle, cleansing purple shampoo. With this powerhouse, you never have to sacrifice color for care again. Go ahead, take a moment, a blonde moment.​

9. Olaplex No.4P Blonder Enhancer Toning Shampoo

Get your best blonde with the blond enhancing shampoo from Olaplex. Not only is this product great for toning your hair, but it is also nourishing and strengthening. If your hair is damaged from chemical treatments or hair dye, this toning shampoo is a great option to strengthen your strands and brighten your color. Apply to wet hair and lather, then rinse thoroughly for clean hair and bright highlights. If you want a product for subtle highlights for light brown hair, this can help brighten your dyed strands and help the color last.


What product is best for highlighting hair?

Bleach works best to highlight your hair, but we highly recommend you get it done professionally. After bleaching, a purple shampoo will help brighten your highlights or other toning treatments. But coloring your hair causes damage, and it might take some extra care to stop breakage and prevent color fading. Hair highlight products for permanent hair colors should brighten your highlights as well as nourish and protect your hair.

How do you maintain highlighted hair?

Your Rule No. 1 for maintaining highlighted hair is to avoid dangerous products for hair coloring and highlights. By this we mean products that could strip your hair of its color or cause dryness and frizz. Use color-protecting and toning products to help your color-treated hair look its best for longer. A gentle toner or purple shampoo is great hair product for blonde highlights to remedy brassiness and color-fading.

How do you keep your hair healthy after highlights?

Hair dye can damage your hair resulting in dryness, frizz, and breakage. To keep your hair healthy, use nourishing products that are also color-safe. Limit the use of hot tools to avoid drying out your hair, or use a heat protectant when styling.

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