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Top 9 Products to Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair

If you love dyeing your hair and trying different chemical treatments, your hair might need some serious reparative products to help restore it to its natural healthy radiance. Chemically damaged hair can feel dry, brittle, coarse, and prone to breakage. Repairing severely chemically damaged hair at home requires some of the best hair care products. Luckily, you have no shortage of options.

To DIY repair severely chemically damaged hair, you must first identify what concerns you wish to target, whether split ends or dry, frizzy hair. You should also consider your hair type. Then you can find the best repair treatment for your hair. To help you find your new favorite product, we made a list of some of our favorite products to help repair damaged hair.

July 18, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Superzero Shampoo Bar for Dry/Damaged/Curly Hair

Dry, damaged hair? This formula was made to counteract dryness and damage and to protect your color treatment with revitalizing nourishment. A science-backed blend lathers luxuriously, locking in moisture and bringing you sweet, sustainable relief in the form of lighter, loveable hair. Gently cleanses while nourishing hair shafts, locking in moisture and protecting color for optimum softness and shine. 

2. Living Proof Restore Repair Mask

Repair dry hair in just minutes. This restorative hair mask for damaged hair transforms frizzy, damaged, and dehydrated hair to look and feel healthier. It deeply nourishes hair while reversing damage and protecting it from future damage. Hair will be left feeling soft, shiny, and smooth. Replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer and helps oily hair stay clean longer so you can wash less often. Restores damaged hair cuticles without weighing hair down. See up to 70% reduction in hair breakage and split ends after one use. 

3. Living Proof PhD Triple Detox Shampoo

This non-stripping, color-safe detox shampoo gently removes buildup from the three prominent causes: product, pollution, and hard water. Helps remove dirt buildup, dandruff, residue, and hard water deposits that can cause oily hair. Restores shine and hydration to damaged hair. This detox shampoo cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp without stripping or drying. Ideal for all hair types, including colored hair.

4. Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Oil

This lightweight, non-greasy oil is the ultimate indulgence, helping to hydrate, smooth, and nourish the hair and body. Suited for all wave and curl types — including afro-textured hair, kinky curls, tighter coils, and thick or coarse curls — and all skin types. Botanical extracts help hair retain lasting hydration. Jojoba esters, rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthen strands while sealing in moisture. The proprietary Environmental Protection Complex features Pro-Vitamin B5 for heat protection, Specialty Rice Protein for solar protection, and Edelweiss Flower Extract for anti-pollution and environmental protection.

5. R+CO On A Cloud Baobab Oil Repair Masque

This protein-rich, creamy masque renews damaged hair by delivering nourishment, strength, and elasticity to hair. Made for anyone looking to reset their hair from damage while adding deep hydration and a soft feel. Just like heaven. Indulge in decadent moisture while repairing your hair with this oil-infused treatment. The protein-rich, creamy formula renews damaged hair fibers and brings nourishment, strength, and elasticity to your strands. Ultimate baobab oil-protein technology helps to rebuild bonds for healthy hair fibers inside and out.

6. R+CO On A Cloud Baobab Repair Styler

This leave-on styling mask contains baobab oil-protein technology that delivers shine and softness. Splash on and go. This leave-on styling masque delivers shine, softness, and repair. The baobab oil-protein technology helps rebuild bonds all day and seals the cuticle while keeping styles intact. Formulated with a unique cold-effect polymer, it smooths hair and fights frizz. Hair is strengthened, protected from pollutants, and instantly hydrated with a touchably soft finish.

7. Luseta Argan Oil Conditioner

Due to its deep penetrating power, Luseta Argan Oil Conditioner gives the hair follicles maximum moisturization. The hair strands become stronger due to the deep conditioning, and the argan oil also helps protect from the damages of heat styling and UV rays. The extra moisture can help alleviate scalp irritation and prevent dandruff. Gives hair follicles deep moisturization and makes hair strands stronger. Enhanced with keratin to smooth away and protect hair from damage.

8. Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Mask

This creamy, intensely moisturizing, sulfate-free mask conditions and softens for healthier, softer curls. Suited for wavy to tight, kinky curls. A blend of natural shea butter (karite) and monoi oil delivers rich nourishment and moisture, smoothes strands, eliminates frizzy hair and tangles, and helps reduce split ends while amplifying your hair’s natural radiance. Ceramide NG helps protect and strengthen the hair barrier while phospholipids repair and restore damaged hair.

9. OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector

Repair your severely chemically damaged hair with OLAPLEX’S professional-inspired products. A weekly at-home treatment, not a conditioner that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving your hair’s look and feel. Clients can benefit from this global bestseller whether or not they receive chemical services. Use OLAPLEX No.0 Intensive Bond Building as the first step in a two-part at-home system with No.3 Hair Perfector to strengthen and repair all types of damaged hair.


Can chemically damaged hair be repaired?

Your hair isn’t a living organism, so it can’t technically heal. You can practice hair care to help your hair feel and look healthier while also encouraging hair growth and avoiding further damage to your hair by stopping chemical treatments and heat styling. But you can’t reserve the damage. Getting a trim is your only option for truly damaged hair and tired split ends. You can also prevent further damage with a hydrating hair-care routine free of harmful chemicals. 

How long does chemically damaged hair take to repair?

Patience is key when it comes to repairing severely chemically damaged hair. Everyone’s hair is different, and the time will vary depending on how damaged your hair is. You should ask your hairdresser or stylist for a professional opinion on your hair.

How do you fix severely damaged bleached hair? 

If you’re wondering how to repair severely chemically damaged hair, there’s no formula to magically repair chemical damage (wouldn’t that be nice, though), but with some care and patience, you should see an improvement.

The first step to reviving your hair is to stop using heat styling tools and chemical treatments. If you can't live without your hot tools, try turning the heat setting down on your curling iron or straightening. Make sure you always use a high-quality heat protectant to limit damage. Then you want to establish a good hair care routine to help repair your hair. Products to repair severely damaged hair will help make your hair feel softer and look smoother while nourishing your strands. Companies formulate different products for specific hair types; for example, repairing severely chemically damaged black hair might require different products and habits than fixing fine, straight hair. Watching product reviews from Flip’s customers will help you find honest opinions from someone with similar hair to yours.

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