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Revive Your Beard With the Best Beard Oils on Flip

While it’s common to consider beauty products for the hair on your head, beard care must not be forgotten. Using beard grooming oil is often the difference between scratchy, uncomfortable skin and hair and shiny, soft, never-itchy scruff. Here are the best beard oils for comfortable, healthy facial hair.

October 7, 2022
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Table of Contents

1. Cardon Bamboo Charcoal Mask & Beard Oil

This mask and oil duo is the perfect way to pamper your skin and care for your beard. Each pack features a detoxifying mask for the upper part of your face and grooming oil for your facial hair for full-face beauty care. 

2. Golden Grooming Co. Beard Oil

Introducing the best natural beard oil — Golden Grooming Co.’s beard oil is packed with tea tree oil, citrus, and peppermint, so your beard looks and feels incredible. This powerful formula targets skin and hair damage to help you grow a healthy beard — and the refreshing scent is unbeatable. 

3. HIMistry 3-in-1 Argan Oil Beard & Shave Oil

HIMistry’s beard and shave oil is chock full of nutrients that thoroughly nourish facial hair, including argan, almond, grapeseed, and jojoba oils. This product is free of irritants like parabens and synthetic fragrances and is designed to soothe itchiness, making it perfect for sensitive skin. 

4. Blind Barber Beard Replenishment Oil

This formula contains ultra-nourishing ingredients, including the best carrier oils for beards: avocado, sunflower, and sweet almond. It combines essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E to encourage hair growth and nourish all skin types. 

5. The Groomed Man Co. Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil

The Groomed Man Co.’s Mangrove Citrus beard oil makes beard grooming easy. It hydrates and tames, smoothing scraggly hairs while nourishing the skin underneath. Plus, it smells like citrus — perfect for energizing you in the morning. 

6. Jack Henry Beard Oil

This lightweight blend is perfect for conditioning and softening your beard, leaving you feeling like you just went to the barber. Plus, it’s made in the USA and uses high-quality organic ingredients.

7. Buck Naked Soap Beard Oil – Cedar & Sage

Instantly soothe an itchy beard and dry skin with Buck Naked Soap’s beard oil. This oil is formulated to lock in your hair’s natural moisture, keeping dryness away for good. It’s lightly scented with cedarwood and sage essential oils for the perfect nature-inspired smell.

8. Simple Alchemy Beard & Mustache Balm

This balm conditions and repairs facial hair for a soft, smooth beard. The formula is entirely plant-based, making the balm biodegradable. It also smells like a forest post-rain, invigorating the senses and turning your morning beard-care routine into a spa-like experience.

9. CRUX Supply Co. Pre-Shave Oil With Hempseed

Combine skincare and beard care with a pre-shave oil that pampers everything at once. CRUX’s pre-shave oil ensures you get a close, clean shave for smooth skin and an ultra-defined beard. The formula contains a blend of natural oils, including avocado, almond, jojoba, and hempseed, as well as vitamins that nourish skin. 

Crux-Supply-Co-beard-oil Small

10. Gentlehomme Beard Balm – Neroli

Gentlehomme Beard Balm is designed to condition your facial hair all day. This balm reduces itchiness, redness, and general irritation while nourishing the skin underneath. It smells like neroli for a sweet yet subtle and sophisticated scent. 


Which oil is good for a dry beard?

The best beard oil for dryness includes moisturizing ingredients meant to address both beard hair and skin dryness. Look for oils that contain naturally hydrating ingredients like avocado and jojoba oil, shea butter, and fatty acids and vitamins that help reduce dry skin and dandruff.

Which oils boost beard growth?

While hair growth is mainly determined by genetics, castor oil has been known to encourage hair growth, so the best oil for beard growth will likely contain this oil. It also helps if your beard oil is packed with protein and essential nutrients (like Blind Barber’s Replenishment beard oil mentioned earlier). To encourage growth, massage the oil into your skin and hair when applying. 

Why should I use beard oil?

The best thing about beard oil is that it makes your beard more comfortable. If you’re experiencing any sort of irritation, beard oil will likely help. It’s packed with nutrients that keep both your hair and the skin underneath healthy and happy. 

Beard grooming oil also smells incredible and makes your facial hair look cleaner, shinier, and more put-together. While you’ll most definitely enjoy these benefits, any outsiders getting up close and personal with your facial hair will also enjoy the soft feel and fantastic smell of your groomed beard. 

Convinced? Our creators are constantly reviewing the best beard oils and balms to help you find the right product for your facial hair and skin type. Whether you’re looking for the best oils for black men’s beards or the best-smelling ones, you’ll feel well-informed and excited about your new beard oil after watching honest and valuable reviews.

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