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Try Our 11 Best Products for Damaged Curly Hair

Jul 22, 2022
Aug 19, 2022

Hair damage is more common than you might think, especially if you have curly hair. Hot tools, frequent hair coloring, chemical treatments, or even roughly brushing your hair could cause visible damage. Luckily, a good hair care routine can often offset these damages, sometimes even prevent them.

Whether you love a simple shampoo and conditioner routine on a wash day or swear by hair masks and oils, we’ve put together a list of products for you to pick from that meet all your hair needs. Here are some of the best products for damaged curly hair on Flip.

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Table of Contents

1. Superzero Shampoo Bar for Dry/Damaged/Curly Hair

Looking for the best shampoo for damaged curly hair? This is the one for you. This formula was made to counteract dryness and damage while protecting your color treatment with revitalizing nourishment. It’s a science-backed blend that lathers luxuriously, locking in moisture and bringing you sweet, sustainable relief in the form of lighter, loveable hair. Proprietary blend of sulfate- and soap-free cleansing agents, avocado oil, shea butter, and plant-based silicone alternatives nourish hair without weighing it down.

2. Superzero Hydrating Conditioner Bar for Coily Hair

This conditioner provides deep hydration and nourishment while providing a light protective coat to lock in moisture and enhance softness and shine with shea butter, cocoa butter, creatine, and Abyssinian oil. It’s perfect for hair types 3C, 4A, 4B, and 4C, but is also suitable for extremely dry hair and 3A and 3B if your curls are very dry or damaged. This bar helps detangle curls and coils and makes them easier to manage while keeping them lively and light. The formula adheres to the principles of the Curly Girl Method with a formula that is free of sulfates, silicones, and alcohols.

3. Superzero Shampoo Bar for Coily, Kinky Hair

Do you have coily, kinky, or extremely dry hair? If so, this is the right bar for you. It cleanses hair gently while infusing it with lasting moisture and shine from shea butter and macadamia oil derivatives. All this while improving hair texture and manageability with creatine. The product is sulfate-free for a gentle cleanse but still produces a luxurious lather. This bar is long-lasting — a full-size bar is equivalent to two to three bottles of 8.4 oz liquid shampoo. This bar hydrates and restores hair with gentle, sulfate-free surfactants blended with high levels of moisturizing conditioning agents (oils and butters). 

4. Fekkai Shea Butter Curl Refresh

This sulfate-free spray hydrates and refreshes second- and third-day curls without weighing them down. Suited for all curl types, including Black hair, kinky curls, tighter coils, and thick or coarse curls. A blend of natural shea butter (karite) and monoi oil delivers potent nourishment and moisture, smoothes strands, eliminates frizz and tangles, and helps reduce split ends and frizz while amplifying your hair’s natural radiance. The proprietary Environmental Protection Complex features pro-vitamin B5 for heat protection and specialty rice protein for solar protection. 

5. Voir Haircare Secrets In The Snow Styling Foam

Velvety softness is just a cool whip away. Marula oil’s rich froth is the daily key to crunch-free, hydrating goodness that hushes flyaways and puts your curls on repeat. This styling foam conditions (it is hydrating and texturing) while giving you the weightless, flexible hair you always wanted. To get perfect curls without heat damage. It boosts volume, bounce, and shine using nature’s silica secret: bamboo extract.

6. R+CO On A Cloud Baobab Oil Repair Masque

This protein-rich, creamy masque renews damaged hair by delivering nourishment, strength, and elasticity to it. Baobab oil protein helps rebuild bonds, nourish and repair, while shea butter provides moisture and helps repair hair damage. Indulge in decadent moisture while repairing your hair with this oil-infused treatment. This ultimate baobab oil protein technology helps rebuild bonds for hair that feels healthy, inside and out.

7. Aromatica Quinoa Protein Treatment Mask

Is your hair damaged by frequent perms, dyeing, and heat styling? This Aromatica mask works wonders for severely damaged hair. It contains triple proteins and ceramide, which are nutrients necessary to heal damaged hair. It has a silicone-free base and tamarind polysaccharide, a moisture magnet that brings flexibility to dry and damaged hair. Canopy tree seed oil, almond oil, and baobab oil add luster to dull hair. 

8. Pacifica Vegan Silk Blow-Out Primer

Pacifica's Vegan Silk Blow-Out Primer is the heat-styling treatment your damaged hair needs. It protects hair from heat and chemical damage and prevents premature color fading. It’s also suitable for all hair types. This product, which has vanilla and vitamin B, leaves hair hydrated, silky smooth, and smelling gorgeous. Shea butter helps retain moisture while moringa strengthens. No matter how unique your need, this one works. So here’s your best beach-wave hair product for damaged, colored, curly hair. You’ve zero excuses for not having a good hair day. 

9. Fekkai Conditioner Damage & Breakage Repair

This one is for those damaged strands craving a complete 180. Fekkai’s nourishing and reparative conditioner is for weak and dry strands. It repairs and defends hair follicles with lasting nourishment. Your hair experiences over 50% reduction in breakage after a single application when used with Fekkai’s Super Strength Shampoo Damage & Breakage Repair and Super Strength Treatment Roots-To-Ends Mask. The nourishing vegan keratin alternative helps repair damaged strands and infuses hair with restorative hydration, and seals cuticles for a lasting repair. 

10. Foxybae Hair California Dreamin Moisture Shampoo

All hair types are welcome to try this one. Whether you have thick, thin, color-treated, or virgin hair, this specially formulated shampoo adds moisture, shine, and life to your mane. The proprietary Foxybae 12-in-1 Blend has got you covered with all the ingredients your hair needs to have the best hair flip in town. The formula contains argan oil to smoothen and controls frizz, coconut oil to detangle and prevent split ends, and Kukui oil to prevent heat and UV damage.

11. Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother

This Olaplex product is a leave-in reparative styling treatment infused with patented Olaplex Bond Building technology. No.6 smoothens, conditions, and strengthens without adding hold or excess weight. The highly concentrated formula is meant for all hair types, including dry, gray, colored, and chemically treated hair, and is suitable for all textures, from coily to fine. What’s more, it’s made without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or gluten, and is vegan and color-safe.


How do you fix damaged curly hair?

The first step in repairing damaged hair is to isolate the cause. Is it the frequent use of heat styling tools or harsh hair care products? Is your hair damage caused by chemical treatments? Once you know what’s causing it, find the right product for your hair to fix the damage. If you have curly hair, go for curly hair products for damaged hair that are both for your specific type of hair and the type of damage you have. If dryness is your main concern, the best product for dry, damaged curly hair will be hydrating and nourishing. If you want to heal your breakage and split ends, a bonding treatment can help your hair mend its bonds for strong, smooth curls.

How do you know if curly hair is damaged?

Damaged hair can present itself in various ways. Frizz, dryness, split ends, thinning, and breakage could indicate damage. You might also notice that your curls are uneven or inconsistent. Your next step would be to find out what’s causing the damage and remedy it.

What are the best products for damaged curly hair?

The best type of product for damaged curly hair will depend on your personal preference. You could keep it simple with a shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and damage, or you could go all in and try out hair oils and masks that can treat your specific kind of damage. Whatever you choose, pick a product formulated specifically for curly hair.

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